Saturday Morning.. August 11th, 2001

The really cool hotel we stayed at Friday night after our long flight into Providence..

The Groton Inn & Suites.. Groton,Ct.

        The hotel we stayed in was like a one bedroom apartment.. I couldn't believe it..It was bigger than Sean's apartment in Berkeley!  The rooms were clean & spacious, fully furnished and had a full kitchen with dishwasher! (OK, we didn't need the dishwasher.. but if we had stayed here all weekend.. maybe.. )  The staff seemed pretty friendly the limited time we were there.. and the place had a restaurant that served breakfast.. If we ever get back to Mystic, this is the place we would prefer to stay! Well if wishes were fishes or whatever... so, we were on the road.. and off to Mystic to meet our RADP (rec.arts.disney.parks) friends at the Mystic Aquarium!   =)

as close as we got.. Mystic Seaport... saving it for our next trip maybe???? =)

    Off to Mystic.. First we get to the Olde Mystick Village to look around.. There are several cute shops here and old buildings.. kind of reminded me of the little shop section of WDW's Marketplace in Downtown Disney..  the bathroom here isn't as nice though..

Olde Mystic Village

Newport Creamery

at the Olde Mystick Village.. Biscuit Meeko takes a break outside the Coke shop..

over at the Mystic Aquarium.. The gang is talking.. what else? Disney!
(here Sean holds an "eyes & ears" a mystery guest brings us from the sunny southlands.. )
from left: Tracy (Flutter) Brian (Tigger731) and Sean (Uncle Remus)

The gang is all here: front: Brian  (Tigger731) back row: Pamela (Meeko) Sean (Uncle Remus), Amy (Impovgal )
Tracy (Flutter) & daughter Erika, and Dennis (from Connecticut..)

first, a little bite to eat at the snack bar..  Amy, Dennis, Tracy, and Brian smile..

close-up of a Beluga Whale you can see at the Mystic Aquarium..

chatting Disney again...

    After the official meet some of us folks headed over to the Newport Creamery for an Awful Awful..  Yes, cheesy but true, they ARE "awful big and awful good!" The menu board looked really good, and Sean & I decided, no matter what, we'd have to come back here soon!!!  =)

Sean outside a wine cafe in the Olde Mistick Village...

..on to Sunday & Joe & Lynne's wedding!

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