Monday, August 13th, 2001


    Heading back to Mystic after we checked out of the Branford Days Inn.. (no review.. just don't stay there if you can help it) We first headed to Groton where we checked out the Submarine Force Museum.. There at the Museum you can tour the USS Nautilus.. If you are unable to or don't want to do the tour, there is a small area in the museum where they show a film tour of the submarine.

the Town of Groton, CT.

Submarine Force Museum, Groton, CT.

Historic Ship USS Nautilus

Outside the Submarine Force Museum (left) in Groton,CT.
(you can see the Nautilus straight ahead right)

The Turtle.. created by David Bushnell of Saybrook,CT. 1776

..large mural just inside the museum..  "What one man can imagine, another can achieve."

..another view of the mural.. with an old friend in the foreground

another view of our old friend the Nautilus (actual Disney prop)
from Disney's "20 Thousand Leauges Under the Sea"

a modell of the USS Nautilus..

inside the Nautilus, a first edition of Jules Verne's 20K.. the sign reads:
"This 1892 edition of Jules Verne's work, "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"
was presented to Commander William R Anderson October 1957 by Admiral Henri
Nomy, Chief of Staff for the French Navy during Nautilus' visit to LeHavre, France
following a successful voyage under the polar ice cap."

..back to Mystic, CT. and the Newport Creamery

    Back at the Newport Creamery, we went inside the crowded place to get our last chance "Awful Awful"s and lunch. The place is ALWAYS crowded it seems.. We sat at a U-shaped counter where we ordered a couple burgers. Sean got some chowder, as you know you can't go to New England & not get any!  We ordered a couple Awful Awfuls...  The service was a bit slow, & not especially friendly (yeah, what can you expect.. it's not New Orleans.. heh heh) and the food.. ok.  Would we eat there again???  Probably not..  unless we needed to fill a craving for some "Awful Awful"..  those were still delicious.. Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint.. we liked them all.. I am sure the other flavors are good too...

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