Hershey, PA
Day One
Sunday, May 25th

Photo of a moving truck
Cute moving truck at a gas station in Hershey, PA

The chocolate factory!
Hershey chocolate Factory

Oustide chocolate world
Chocolate World

Pamela points at the sign
Meeko Pamela points at the cute signs

The World of Chocolate
World of Chocolate

View of the store
the store in Chocolate World

Package art in the show's waiting area
Hershey package art at the Hershey 3-d show

More waiting area artwork
More package art

an information station
Info station in Chocolate World (Sean prints up a coupon for the Gingerbread, a restuarant by the Milton Motel we never ate at )

Here they take wooden nickels
Wooden Nickels they give as media for the Hershey Trolley Tour (the tour time is stamped on)

On the Trolley Tour... an interesting and horrible experience all at once

home of Milton Hershey
Milton Hershey's home.. and Hershey HQ

The trolley conductor forgot his camera...yeah
Trolley conductor runs to 'get his camera'

..and makes several quick changes

Milton Hershey's father        Milton Hershey's mother        a boy from the Hershey school        a swedish chef (who doesn't say bork)
...among the changes.. Milton's Dad.. Milton's mom..  a boy who was raised in Hershey's School for boys (and now works at the factory) and a "Swedish Chef" working at the Hotel Hershey... (the most annoying character,by far).

Lunch at the Hotel Hershey!

The Hotel Hershey
Hotel Hershey

The hotel's tower
Closeup of hotel tower

The hotel lobby
the lovely hotel lobby (as seen on "Great Hotels")

smeeeko!        Pamela's lunch
Pamela enjoying her lunch at the Hotel Hershey ('chorizo' omelet w/artichoke heart salad)

Sean!        Sean's lunch
Sean and his lunch...

Pamela's dessert        Sean's dessert
Dessert..   Pamela's Hershey Chocolate 'creme' pie.. and Sean's white chocolate bread pudding.

The View!
Pamela & Sean take a minute to ring up " honorary uncle" LA where the signal is good.. and this is why!

The view of the factory from the hotel        The view of the park from the hotel
View of Hershey  Factory from the Hotel and further afield, the Hershey Amusement Park...

railway house        warning sign
Really cool Railway House that Sean & Pamela would drive by in Hershey.. Sean stopped and took a couple photos!

Checking out the Hershey Museum!
We got here about 10-quarter after 4pm.. the Museum closes at 5pm Sundays.. Suffice to say we only saw a couple exhibits: the Hershey Park Comet (w/film) and the clock...

Hershey museum        The apolstolic clock        closeup of the clock face        figures in the clock
The front of the Hershey Museum.. which used to be an ice rink.. and the apolstolic clock, which is worth seeing!

Off to Hershey Park for the twighlight ticket!
we'll be checking the park out and coming back tomorrow.. all at a reduced admission..

park rules
first.. the rules!!  You don't see these at Disneyland! (which is too bad, in some cases)

state law
more rules..  Pennsylvania State code governing the responsibilities of the rider..

the chips looked better than they tasted
homemade 'kettle' chips.. these are sliced then dropped into the deep fryer.. not kettle cooked. We had some brats and chips.. the chips weren't very remarkable..  and had we seen them actually dropping the chips in 'erl we may have changed our order.. we left a LOT of chips in our basket..

the whip!        old photo of the whip
It's "THE WHIP!!"  a Hershey Park institution.. ride.. and on right blown up image of wall

park ferris wheel        it changes color
the Ferris Wheel...  Sean got a few shots of it's changing color cycle.

nightime laser show
one of the many images of the laser show..  which signals the end of business day at Hershey Park.

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