Hershey, PA

Memorial Day 2003

Hershey Park & Zoo America...


it's not Rod Miller

piano player in front of the park...


one of Hersheypark's coasters more of the park the chocolate factory

views from the "kiss" tower..lift hill, park, and factory..


the factory as seen from the monorail parts of the town

views from the monorail...


the steam train these natives have guns! a village

Views from the steam Train.. some stuff you don't see in Disney


Zoo America


off to see how the caged folks live... have you ever got the feeling, when looking at a caged animal.. that feeling of wanting to open all the locks and free them from their enclosure?? While we would never do anything that would cause us to get in any trouble.. one can't help but feel badly for all these animals. This is not an uncommon way of exhibition.. yet, far from the 'standards' that many top zoos adher to.


You were warned..



a hawk..


bobcat in a small cage

the caged bobcat...


otter in a small cage

a caged otter! a CAGED otter???


a bear more bears

caged bear


a cougar, if he was lonesome, maybe his name is charlie

caged cougar/mountain lion


an elk



prarie dogs

walled in prairie dogs..


american bison

where the buffalo roam..



not running with the wolves


doe, a deer, a female deer

bambi's mom...


onward to Hershey Town Pix



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