The Hershey, PA Welcome Sign

Hershey, PA

We arrived in Hershey, Pennsylvania around dinner time Saturday the  24th of May. The hotel we are staying at is the Milton Motel on E. Chocolate Avenue.

We spent the evening driving around Hershey, getting the lay of the land and planning our adventures for the next two days. We had dinner at the Hershey Lodge, which was ok (especially their chocolate martini!) but they were lacking in service skills.

Our Hotel...

the motel office
Outside the Motel Office

table and bed in our room
table and bed w/nighstand

tv and drawers in our room
TV/drawers desk and to the far left sink and bathroom (which was almost as big as the room)

self portrait of pamela
Pamela self-portrait w/mirrored desk (Sean was busy when the photo was taken)

The next two days were spent visiting Chocolate World, the Hershey Museum, having lunch at the Hotel Hershey.. Visiting the Hershey Amusement Park, Zoo America, and driving to Philadelphia (as opposed to sailing)...


Hershey Day One

Hershey Day Two
(Monday Memorial Day)

Hershey Around Town...

Roadside Views
(on our way to Philly)


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