Day One: Philadelphia

Tuesday May 27th, 2003



the view we woke to.. Penn's Landing..

After walking by the City Tavern, and Christ Church (where we found some coffee & Bagels) we headed to Independence Hall.. where, after a brief strip search and oral hygiene check,(kidding!!) we were allowed into the great monument of Democracy.. well worth the wait!!


the story of the seal of Pennsylvania..


meeko on the tour..

when you gotta go, you gotta go.. but no one uses these anymore.. (so no touchy!)

memorial plaque for the POWs housed at Independence Hall during the Revolution..

the original inkstand (so they think) that was used for writing the Declaration of Independence)


Around the green...


..and so off to Fulcroft for Leo's Cheesesteaks.. and to Drexel Hill to visit LA & Janine!


we were behind this SEPTA so long, it would be silly *not* to get a photo of it.. "the direct route" to Fulcroft had us stuck behind this thing for an hour!


Leo's.. really really big cheesesteaks.. with the cheese melted into the meat.. don't get a large, whatever you do, even if you think you are splitting it with another person.. get a small, or better yet.. get a couple more friends!


After our special visit with LA & Janine (and kitty) we were off back to the city to continue our sight seeing.. Carpenters Hall.. then dinner with our buddy Faith! =)



Dinner at Paradigm with Faith.. after walking around some, not knowing where we should eat.. we stumbled across this place called "Paradigm" which looked interesting.. something felt.. familiar about the place but we couldn't put our finger on it.. eventually we did.. We were in the place that was rated one of the top 10 bathrooms by the Travel Channel.. and the #1 Best of Philadelphia Toilets! No wonder! As quoted from the website.. "Sleek-ish spot parties like it's 1998, and cooks like it's a tourist trap."

Pamela had ordered the 'rack of lamb' and it was just horrible and not worth the $22 price point she thought, and gave Sean her dinner.. eating only the mashed sweet potatoes and veggies.. Sean had steak which he found to be passable, and Faith had pasta, which she wasn't able to finish (either because it wasn't that great or was too much, she was too polite to say). The waiter made a big deal about the "Fiji" brand water, which they had in a metal bucket on the table (like it was fine wine or something!) so Faith and Sean decide they were game to try it.. this was the second time it was offered to us today, so we figured there must be something to it... but what we heard was right.. it tastes just like tap water.. or Drexel Hill tap water.. (grin). The waiter, after insisting it was much better than Philadelphia City water, must have agreed with us though, and forgot and refilled our glasses with water from a pitcher! Pamela just looked at him as he topped off Faith's glass and he immediately realized his error (gee, I didn't know he could see me arching my eyebrow in the dark! -pamela)

But hey, the bathrooms were neat.. Here's some pix.. no worries, we don't plan to return.. (unless they get a different chef).

the bathroom

Sean in the dark.. (which begs the question.. why does it need to be so dark in there that you can't really see your food??)

the lovely Faith ( "I drove in that traffic for this??")

hey, when you gotta go.. you really gotta go.. and heck.. he paid for the privaledge...


Onward to Day Two May 28th 2003



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