Sean & Pamela's Philadelphia Adventure Day Two

May 28th, 2003


We spent today walking all around the old city..with a side trip to the present for lunch at Morimoto. Our first stop was to the Postal Museum..

sean checks out the NASA related stamp display

historic stamps issued in the 70s...

pneumatic tubes for mailing.. first in Philly!

a letter from Benjamin Franklin, along with his hat and boots.. donate some funds folks.. I think they need some Windex. (the whole exhibit needs help)

Franklin Court.. which we were intending to investigate more after lunch..


We started late.. so we missed breakfast.. so we decided to go to Morimoto for lunch. You can check out our photos here if you like, or continue..

Our next stop after lunch was to the Visitors Center to watch the 20 min. film and then to see the Graff House (also known as the "Declaration House" which Jefferson stayed in while visiting in Philadelphia and writing the Declaration of Independence):

The Graff House, which Jefferson rented a room out


..and here!


this is the room...

this is the bed.

this is the mantle he stood and sang from (sorry that's a musical)

this is the desk he wrote at.

this is the table he ate at.


onward to... the Liberty Bell Pavillion!


the Liberty Bell from a couple angles..

Sean and the Bell..

Pamela looking goofy!

Christ Church, Elfreth's Alley, that Ross woman.. and home...

a plaque near the grave of Benjamin Franklin at Christ Church.

Elfreth's Alley

Meeko Pamela trying to look inconspicuous and failing.. (we are, after all, in someone's front step).

The Betsy Ross House and Museum (we didn't go in)

closeup of a cat!

the fountain with cats!


the house itself.

June 23rd, 1683, William Penn made a friendship agreement, or treaty with Chief Tamanend of Leni-Lenape tribe , whose home the future city of Philadelphia belonged to. This statue stands near Penns Landing as a reminder of that promise. We walked by it several times and missed it. Now that we saw it, it's a wonder how we could have missed it at all. It's quite grand.. but relegated to standing over Columbus Avenue.. a busy intersection named after that explorer fellow from Portugal.




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