Sean & Pamela are off to lunch.. Our reservation was for 130pm but we showed for 1130am instead. Not a problem..

Sean in front of Morimoto...

Meeko regards the menu.. ("there's definiteley something on here that's not fish!")

Sean takes a photo of the place setting.. a napkin.. and a rock.. which cradles the chopsticks.

Smiley Meeko enjoys her ice cold glass of water, while waiting for the green tea & lunch set  to arrive.....and taking in the ambiance o' course!

Sean loves his water...and is looking forward to his lunch.. he ordered the chef sampler ($50)

Sean's appetizer.... um.. you guess.. (more info later)

Meeko's lunch..  the Spicy Chicken Tempura (16.00) which comes with salad & out of this world miso soup! =) It was quit reasonable and filling!

another Sean thing from the Chef's Sampler...

Sean Yoda's dessert...Japanese Sweet Potato Cake

Meeko Pamela's dessert.. Chocolate Temple (10.00)

a clean table waiting for customers...

view of the restaurant looking back to the sushi bar

another view from the front entrance looking back to the sushi bar.

Meeko Pamela outside the restaurant looking stuffed.  =)

more comments and trip report coming soon..
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