May 29, 2003
Independence Seaport Museum

We spent our last morning in Philly at the Independence Seaport Museum, home of the submarine Becuna and Commodore George Dewey's flagship, the Olympia.

The seaport itself has a small museum on sailing and shipbuilding.  Unfortunately, this photo of the skeleton of a wooden boat was the only inside photo that turned out.
wooden boat shell

Guest ships docked at the seaport

 tall ship
all sorts of boats the tug jupiter

The Olympia and Becuna
bows sterns

The only photo we were able to get from aboard the submarine Becuna was this humorous artwork depicting views of a Chief Petty Officer

cpo art

Fortunately, we were able to get better photos aboard the Olympia

ships bell

The date on the plaque is 1893, making the Olmpia the oldest steel-hulled warship still afloat.

Pamela is underneath a plaque commemorating Dewey's defeat of the Spanish fleet in Manilla Bay.  It was on May 1, 1898 from the deck of the Olympia that Commodore Dewey gave the famous order "You may fire when ready Gridley."

Here are a few interior photos.

chapel speed control
gridley's gun sickbay
mmm knotts 
Notice the box of preserves.

Finally, across the river from Philadelphia is Camden, New Jersey.  And visible from the cruiser Olympia, is the battleship New Jersey, which is docked at Camden.
The New Jersey

With that, our museum visit was complete, and it was time to drive on to Baltimore.  As we departed Philly, we visited an Italian neighborhood so we could stop at Chickie's Italian Deli (as featured on the PBS special Sandwhiches That You Will Like)  On our way, we passed this seafood shop:

get crabs
For what it's worth, the Chickie's Special lives up to the hype.  When you're in Philly, visit Chickie's and have the special.

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