Sean & Pamela's Vegas Strip
4th of July weekend 2003

a tale of pirates, postcards, parisians, knights, and smoke.. oh! and old men in speedos...

We drove from LA to Vegas the night of the 3rd of July, 2003. Sean got a good rate at the Excalibur Casino Resort which was located right next door (almost) to the Luxor. Located on the 3rd floor of tower one we had a nice smoke free room which wavered from AAA 3 diamond nice to borderline tacky. Of all the resorts, this one seemed the smokiest.. and we found later the place was made entirely of Wisconsin cheese... er, styrofoam (well at least the drawbridge was).

The heat was incredible.. and I don't thinkk we were quite prepared for it. Pamela got ill by the end of the first day, and our legs were shot by Sunday. We weren't able to do everything so we will definitely be returning! Hopefully on a less crowded weekend than the 4th!

Paris, likeThe 4th of July
(walking the strip, Paris & le Slot Club, hotdogs,and Wayne Brady)

The 5th and the Pirates got the British on the Run
(more Paris,Pirates,drunk raccoons, and Krispy Kreme)

6th.. California is the place you outta be..
(miscellaneous images)


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