S&P's visit to
"OLD TOWN"  Pasadena!*

June 18th, 2006
Classic Cars & Chalk Festival..
*all photos by SeanYoda unless otherwise noted.  =)  photos edited by Pamela aka: MeekoRouse on photoshop elements 4.0 

vines stained glass city auditorium view of jacaranda from the parking lot

Driving around to find a parking place took a while but we finally found a place; and got some nice views as well!  =) City of Pasadena:  ivy covered shops & church; CIty of Pasadena Auditorium; jacaranda trees & a wonderful view that goes on forever..  (view from the parking structure behind Holly Station).

classic cars in pasadena
^ pamela 'meeko'  starring  in her own postcard.   =)

Just a few of the pretty cars we saw by chance when we came to the Pasadena Chalk Festival!

advertising everywhere frontside blue cuteness classic convertible
convertable red convertible 2 muscle beautiful classic little racer
custom profile
mercedes mercedes creme convertible cooper mini
cars in a row classic profile boot
engine bonnet
red truck
classic truck
50s style
under the hood
dancing in the street

and now the main reason we came to Pasadena.. the Chalk Festival!  =)

pasadena chalk fest 2006

Some of our favourites we saw in & around the mall..

mermaid anime rhino
pop it =P

koi koi
girl with gorilla mother with child mother with children statue art fairie
fbi chalkart mercedes girl artist in reflection the lying puppet closeup of the puppet and conscience
black cat heart flower profiles bright trees
krusty (and sean in shadow)

seanyoda reflected in bus shelter
a parting image.. photo by MeekoRouse..  =)

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