Pamela's California Adventure!!  =)
*graphic heavy*

;  Pamela's first Adventure to Disneyland.. Birthday August 1999; and the first time she met her Sean in person!!!  =) Hurray! First on the itenerary: meet Sean at LAX (via Sean's SOUTHWEST RAPID REWARD TICKET) for a 4day visit to Anaheim,Buena Park, & then a drive up i5 to check out San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Jose for a meet of the Bay Area- #alt.disney.disneyland newsgroup...  Chili's and the Friday the 13th Winchester Mystery (flashlight)Tour!  =) (not as scary as the drive home and the last night Sean's 1986 Suburu ever ran.. if only I'd brought a coat.)

I'm going to Disneyland!
to meet this guy.. I met on the internet.. am I crazy?.. probably.. (but it's ok!  we fell in love & I moved out & we got married, so it all worked out.. sorry for the spoiler! but you already knew that didn't you?? if not, why are you here?? oh yeah.. photos... ahem!)
sean models the tshirt brought from Florida =)

Sean models the tshirt Pamela brought out from Florida for him to wear. PERFECT FIT!  =)

DAY ONE (or something):
bathroom roofs..
when you gotta go, you gotta go. This is by the Town Hall bathrooms (and also the little AAA gazebo & at the time, where you met a Guest Service "Plaid" Cast Member (aka: CM) for a WALK IN WALT'S FOOTSTEPS tour, etc.. )

space mountain circa august 1999.. rust!
Disneyland's Space Mountain, circa August 1999.. Pamela commented "gee, don't they clean it?? It's all rusty.. " which SeanYoda immediately replied that it was PAINTED that way on purpose.. (fortunately they fixed it in time for the 50th).

Rivers of America & Columbia
Rivers of America looking out towards the Sailing Ship Columbia and New Orleans Square..  (from the drygoods dock)

sean & pamela  =)uhhh.. this might be at Animazement.. or possibly something else.. first of MANY self snapshots to come in the future!  =)

really bad image of pocahontas and I don't know who    lumiere!
HoND (Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame & Pocahontas bring their songs to life.. as well Lumiere & Belle sing "Be Our Guest")

First Look at Toontown  =)

tarzan treehouse
Swiss Family, er TARZAN TREEHOUSE.. =)

"to load your log, larger passengers slide to rear of seat..." (back when there were single seat Splash logs.. and Brer Rabbit rode in front!)

the ORIGINAL and better Mulan Parade.. starring Mushu and a giant Crick-ee man/cricket! (this really was the better Mulan parade!)

mr toad!
this was the first time ever riding Mr Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland.. the one at WDW was closed already at this time.. =(

AUGUST 8th.. Pamela celebrates her bday at Disneyland.  =)
first thing:heading to Disneyland on the bday, get the 'bday sticker' so Pamela can be embarressed all day long. =P
meet at the hub
from left: John Frost, Kevin Krock, Sean with Biscuit Meeko, *& LizBunny.

waving her wand
The first thing AK said (atop a bench no less) was a spiel while waving 2 wands no less.. then commenced introducing people.. hey are those benches there these days?? =P

Once intros were done (and Pamela was awash in names and faces) the group headed over to Aladdin's Oasis for storytime, and the first of many bday embarressments for the day.. like getting called down to have her palm read & dance for everyone.. =)

palm reading

dying.. er, dancing of embarressment

Alladin storytelling
Aladdin Storytime.. first & last public participation captured on film (and probably somewhere on video) and, yes, that WDW hat doesn't leave the house much if ever..

next we head to Frontierland to check out Billy Hill  and then to ride the Mark Twain.. but first a little something to take care of first... LizBunny gets her AP renewed with some help from her friends & a litle pixiedust, er something..
sean & liz
from left: Tim Castro (future wedding officiant!) Toonfinder Chris, LizBunny & Sean... (with one of the Kevin's peering over his shoulder to eye the action from behind).

A better image of Bunny & her pass..
bunny pass

Golden Horsehoe
"Laughing Stock" performing outside the Golden Horseshoe before the gang headed in to catch Billy Hill and Pamela was treated to a giant "Claim Jumper" sized  portion of chocolate cake (6 layers??) and a birthday rice crispie treat.. (turning 31 has it's privilages, no?)

"tdc Ping" aka: Lisa.. =) first photographed sighting:
she's very shy...  =)

meeko & biscuit

Pamela (©photos by Anaheim Mike)

Off to ride the Twain! =)

<>wheelhouse surprise
<>from left: tdcPing, Pamela & Sean w/ Kevin, AK and TFAO (wow! was he tiny little guy!)  at not quite a year old.  =)

lisa at the helm
very competant pilot at the helm, that tdcPing =)

matthew gives it a go
never hurts to start them early.. the freaking adorable one (and Sean's godson)  is assisted by his dad as he steers the "twain" through safe waters...  =)

Todd of Todd & Angela
Todd P. (of Todd & Angela!)  smiles from the main deck of the Mark Twain. 

later: dinner at PCH Grill (first flatbread pizza & mushroom soup, and first PCH dinner of 2times ever for Pamela til 2004,btw ...when the menu changed to cheese burgers and fries.) and special pix taken from the floor of the hotel, not yet called "Paradise Pier Hotel" (that came later.. a few years later, as did what these construction photos were to become):
dca construction 8/99
uhhh.. lessee.. monorail, lower left foreground.. towers for attractions in Paradise Pier, the Soarin' Over California ride building.. and uh, Mickey and friends parking structure..

another view
better view of the future "Paradise Pier" area of DCA to include the Sunwheel and California Screamin' Roller Coaster (Anaheim Convention Center can be seen on the left of the lift hill of Screamin'). August 8th, 1999.

AUGUST 9th, 1999
Monday morning the 9th
early morning of the 9th.. actual 30th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.. Sean eyes the balloons that were all that remained of the small ceremony early that day (green & pink balloons are just below the pet cemetary brick wall on center left of Haunted Mansion). Hence SeanYoda wearing his Haunted Mansion tshirt that day.. (Pamela wore her Pocahontas/Meeko sunflower shirt).

sean at our table
sean sitting in a more relaxed Aladdin Storytime visit.. Pamela asked "no surprises this time, right??"  =)

meeting mickey
Monday August 9th.. can't leave without meeting Mickey Mouse!! Pamela & Sean at Mickey's house.. where he was greeting folks in his Bandconcert costume..  =)

We're  certain there's more photos somewhere.. these were the ones that were scanned and made the original Disneyland photos.. as well the following of Pamela's first visit to the Bay Area & the BA-add meet at Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. =)

SAN FRANCISCO...  meeko in the city.. 
Thurs. August 12th, 1999:

sean under the bridge
early morning visit to Ft Point..  chilly August morning!  =)

honeybear bridge!
what a handsome gentleman! =)  (and yes, it *is* a foggy day!)

coit tower
after  a driving tour of the city, a visit to the Legion of Honor and Twin Peaks.. the sun comes out and we head up to COIT TOWER to check out the murals, grab a postcard  or 2 (which is lost somewhere never to be seen again) and snap a few photos. Here's Sean, having shed his sweater & scarf..  =)

bad scan
hopefully will find the original negative.. but after some work this bad scan is at least semi-viewable.  Pamela with the Bay view over her shoulder..  =)

twin peaks view
Twin Peaks view toward Market and downtown San Francisco. =)  ahhhh.. l'amour!  =)

city view
Oakland Bridge

from Coit Tower
foggy day in the city..

AUGUST 13th 1999
BA-add Winchester Mystery Flashlight tour..

dinner at Chili's
waiting for our tables FOR-EVER.... outside San Jose Chili's (from left Kali's co-worker at Cal, Cindy & her date, Lani, Sean.. )

sean & Pamela Sean & Pamela on their first official date as a couple (unless you count lunch at Blue Bayou on August 7th or Chicken Dinner at Knotts a few days earlier.. )  *grin*

Lani Teshima
official date photo by Lani Teshima (future wedding button goddess) *she made the "a.d.d" newsgroup buttons Sean & I are sporting, too.   =)

We got to eat finally (yum) and the whole gang headed over to the Winchester Mystery House, built by the Widow of the Winchester Rifle manufacturer.
our tourguide, who was constantly attempting to balance her flashlight on her head, shows us one of the Mansions many bedrooms.. possibly the Mrs Winchester's room itself (can't recall at this point..) Also there was some dolt running around trying to 'scare' people but it was pretty weak.. I think he managed to scare the other groups though..  You could hear the screaming of the other tour groups  downstairs upstairs, in the next room.. (which is probably why we knew when we were next).  Our tourguide was pretty informative just the same.  The flashlight tour is a 'must do' and afterwards we toured the grounds and gardens..

stained glass
one of the few flashlight tour photos that turned out for us at the time.. the sunflower window.  Mrs Winchester was very superstitious and had repeating numbers throughout her home.  This window I think had 13 flowers in it.

AprilDecember aka: KaliCat and her then co-worker at Cal goof around outside the next room over while on flashlight tour! =) There are many places where the rooms go nowhere or the stairs (especially the ones built later) are like half steps that force one to either shuffle along or take the steps 2 or 3 at a time depending on your stride. Mrs Winchester was severely arthritic, however she had full run of the house til the day she died and would need to visit the construction to add changes or view progress. There's a really cool photo book they sell in the giftshop there that have better photos of the home. Anyone interested in the Winchester House should definitely visit, and should do the Friday the 13th flashlight tour at least once.  =)

None of Pamela's garden photos turned out so they aren't posted here.. but the garden and stables are definitely worth a walk around if they are open these days. We headed over to a nearby ice cream place with Judi Lane for  giant ice cream sundaes and coffee then headed back to Berkeley, where Sean's 1986 blue Suburu died  just inside the Berkeley city limits and we got out, pushed the car to the other side of the intersection and made our decision to call for a tow rather than walk the several blocks from San Pablo to Sean's apt in 40degree temp, (Pamela put her foot down on that one.. )  Suffice to say it's only mentioned because Sean was never able to get his car started again after visiting the Mystery House.. whether because of any bad luck on our part, or just the fact that Sean had driven that car to Disneyland and back several times, plus  several CAL games, trips  here and there.. the exact number of miles is not recalled at this time, however, we can say it was a lot..  Overheating and dying was inevitable. Why it had to be that night, we can't say.. the world may never know.. whaaaa haaa haaa!  =)  (hopefully we'll find the rest of the pix from this trip and update more later.. maybe.)

honey chat
Nov 1999 (chatting with Meeko on Andrew's laptop at Bunny moving party =)
photo courtesy of ©project-insomnia /Andrew Rich


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