October 2002
Disneyland & DCA

Small World in White
It's a Small World

Alison's Fantasyland wrap up..

white rabbit! kym, lisa, and alison on Alice hi there!
meeko storybookland quilt casey jr comin' 'round the track
Alison and Lisa in Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin Queue it's Toad Hall! Roger Rabbit's wall of plates

Off to Disney's California Adventure!!  =)

hanging monkey

California Series! Alison at the falls grizzley peak it's Belle!  =)
K, L, and Alison on California Screamin' stitch & me goofin' sean on the pier pamela & pocket stitch w/ heimlich!

Onward to Sunday...October 20th, 2002

Haunted Mansion Holiday carriage fog machines at work
stich n graves jack o'lantern tree scary christmas

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