March 1st & 2nd, 2003.. Sean & Pamela journey to the Happiest Place on Earth to check out the new Disneyland Gallery Exhibit.. Pirates of the Carribean...

but first..  breakfast..

we had a pretty good breakfast at "La Brea" Bakery & Cafe at Downtown Disney.. Sean had the beef brisket hash and Meeko ate Sean's meal of BLT w/avacado, mixed greens and potatoes. yum!

Off to the Park!!!

Matterhorn ride fresh out of rehab...

Small World out of rehab.. (still not sure what they fixed)

On to Toontown...

Pamela at Chip -n-  Dale's Nuthouse... (we don't make this stuff up folks!)

Down below, Goofy meets with the kids!

Minnie's House in Toontown (notice how the trees match the color of the house?)

Now back to New Orleans Square where the Gallery is opening..

Anne Bonny & Mary Reed (part of the mural in the Pirates of the Carribean queue)

Ned Low and the Captain...

"Formal Invitation"

Pirates going over their treasure map...

Different sculpted heads for the PotC attraction.

Figurehead for one of the Pirate Ships from the upcoming film.. (Pirates of the Carrribean)

Finished Anamatronic pirate head!

Lunch at Blue Bayou...

Sean & Meeko Pamela at the Blue Bayou restaurant (restaurant overlooks part of the Pirates of the Carribean ride just as it's going through the tranquil scene before the plunge of death.. just kidding!) We split the andouille stuffed mushrooms and the monte cristo! Both yummy and both only available on the lunch menu.

Back upstairs at the Disneyland Gallery.. we got some great photos of the Rivers of America under rehab!

All the water is drained from the Rivers of America and everything from the "Fantasmic!" underwater cannons and the Columbia and Mark Twain rails are exposed. From left: Columbia, looking towards Tom Sawyer Island, closeups looking toward the Matterhorn in the distance..

while checking out the rehab, Sean notices this MetLife balloon flying low over Disneyland..  (Uncle Walt didn't want any of these outside intrusions and the 'urban legend' is that he actually tried to have them pass an ordinance that would disallow such fly overs..  Today's wasn't so bad.. it's those Strip Club ads you got to watch out for .. yea, we saw one of those.. flying over Storybookland boats!!)

Main Street USA.. the Princess Processional!

...what we later found out to be their last!



also on Main Street.. Disneyland's version of 'recycle the magic'.. the Parade of the Stars.. starring...MEEKO!!  (special thanks to Rae & Ashley especially for helping me get these shots of Meeko)

wow! look at all those characters!  There's evan Clarabelle Cow (don't see her much!) and Meeko.. he's in the background and here's another we managed to get of him looking forward.. he was wearing a cool starred cape!

A jazz quartet we found in front of Mr. Lincoln on Main Street. (They were playing the cantina band song from Star Wars.. some kid asked "what's that song?" which cracked a lot of people up and after brief chat with the crowd we all realized us 30-somethings are old ! *shock!*)

Later.. after a brief stop at the hotel for a shoe change (Pamela's bad foot was acting up) and a short rest, we headed back to the park for fireworks.


Jungle Cruise.. where we got some skipper named Captain Ron, who laughed at his own a hyena... This is not Ron, but Trader Sam, who'll give you a great deal.. 2 heads for the price of yours.. either way, you come out a head.. er, ahead...  (odviously neither of us are JC skippers!)

Walt Disney's "Enchanted Tiki Room" waiting area.. This here is Pele!

Dinner at "Rancho Del Zocolo" in Frontierland.. and then off to Small World for fireworks..

Small World at night.. "Believe! There's Magic in the Stars" fireworks display...

March 2nd, 2003 back to the park and onward home...

the 20k Lagoon (empty of course) from the Monorail station... We got our pins and headed out for breakfast with our pals Kym & Lisa...

heading out of the LA area.. it was a beautiful day and you could see the mountains off in the distance.

Pamela does a self portrait reflected in the rear-view mirror and the hills on I-5 near Bakerfield in the distance... (no poppies yet!)



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