Sean's Very Merry Birthday
Day 2: April 12th 2003

Saturday morning we head out first to check out the Concierge lounge. It's a pretty unexciting place. There was standard continental breakfast fare: cereal, milk,juice, coffee, pastries, and bagels. Nothing to write home about really. The concierge staff has games and videos you can check out.   We ate breakfast and headed out.

We got on the Monorail into the park. As hotel guests, we got Express Passes onto the monorail back to the Downtown Disney station. The monorail was never busy enough to actually use it, however.

a jungle cruise launch backstage
A Jungle Cruise boat  in the backstage area (as seen from the Monorail)

Disneyland Main Gate

Matterhorn ride vehicles lined in a row

Over in Critter Country.... The new Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride.. You may want to take a look at the photos posted on Laughing Place, Mouseinfo, and MousePlanet.

Pooh ride vehicle
beehive ride vehicle

Pooh vehicle with passengers
another ride vehicle.. this one w/ people in it!  (notice different name on lower left corner) Tracks come out of gutted Playhouse.

Waterfall between Pooh Corner and ride
waterfall and bear remnants of what used to be the Mile Long (or Brer) Bar...

The Pooh Corner Candy Shop (see more pix on Laughing Place)

Owls Nest Candy
Owl Nest at the Pooh Corner Candy Shop

Sean & Pamela got some treats at the Pooh Corner Candy Shop then sat over at Hungry Bear (which was not open yet) to eat our treats and watch the park come to life on the Rivers of America...

Canoe on the River

Mark Twain approaches
Mark Twain

Close up the Mark Twain's Paddlewheel

We then visited a few attractions in New Orleans Square...

Madame Leota
Madame Leota in the Haunted Mansion (for some reason the seance room sound effects were one incantation ahead of Madame Leota's incantation...for example, you would hear the bell ring and then Madame Leota would chant "Ghosts and spirits, wherever you dwell, give us a hint, by ringing the bell.)

arrrgh, a Pirates booty
Treasure Room near the end of Pirates of the Carribean (no we didn't take flash photos, but at least 2 people on our boat did.. thanks.. thanks a bunch!)

Give us the key
Pamela's favorite scene in Pirates (where's Cynthia??)

We had early lunch PS (priority seating) at Blue Bayou, but we still had time for a ride on the Mark Twain...

The Cider Mill
View of Tom Sawyer's Island (note the raft carrying workers to the island)

canoe rowing by
Bustling activity on the Rivers of America.. construction still on-going, but the canoes are out and full!

Fantasmic infrastructure
Close-up of "Fantasmic!" infrastucture


The friendly Indian Village
Indian Village


They've sunk the Gullywhumper along the island (which is a bit ironic, since the Gullywhumper capsized while carrying guests on May 17, 1997)  If you miss the keelboats, pay a visit to Yesterland.

We had a nice waterside lunch at the Blue Bayou. Sean had the pork loin and Pamela tried to eat a Monte Cristo all by herself (she promises to never do that again!)

Sean's birthday sundae from the Blue Bayou!

After lunch we head over to lost & found to report Sean's "CAL" hat missing and then to DCA so Pamela can get some time in her favorite DL Resort park...

Playhouse Disney stage
We managed to get over in time for the 1pm show of "Playhouse Disney Live"


You can just make out Pip & Pop, Ojo & Bear and maybe Tutter on the far right all from "Bear in the Big Blue House"


After the show we headed over to the Animation Building...

Sean tries his luck in the Beast's Library


sean in the library
The real Sean! =)


Pamela's photo by Cogsworth
Pamela tries her luck..


...and gets "Jane" from Tarzan!


We headed back to the hotel for a quick drink and game of "Ohana" in the Concierge lounge and a nap. Sean chatted Adrienne while Pamela rested.. then we headed out for dinner (after a quick wine & cheese stop at the Concierge Lounge and chat about the housekeeping problem we had).

biscuit and bunny wait in the hotel bed
our room, with bed made & Biscuit & Bunny waiting for us!


We met Adrienne & Kevin over at the Grand Californian for dinner. It was our first time meeting Spencer since we saw him at our wedding.. and we got to see how big TFAO was getting as well!


Sean holds up his birthday treat at Storyteller's Cafe


Sean's Godson,TFAO (aka: Matthew) & dad Kevin


Spencer and Adrienne
Spencer in his usual form (going the speed of light and playing the spoons) as his mom Adrienne looks on...


Spencer, caught in almost stop motion..


Matthew and Spencer
things that make you go "can we have one?? can we have one?? I want a kid! can we have a kid??"  (Just Kidding!)

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