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Holiday Time at Disneyland
November 5, 2004 - December 31, 2004
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Plus, new stuff from a visit on December 16 (Incdibles at DCA and Fantasyland Big Fig).

October 30th, 2004
new Stitch & friends breakfast at PCH Grill! Sean & Pamela check it out.

stitch & meeko pamela =)
stitch steals the ketchup! sean & stitch!  =)
of course, a surfboard
minnie & meeko SeanYoda & Pluto!
Kids, Lilo, and Stitch play with sticks
it's all about Stitch
stich has lots of leis
Lilo and the kids hula
Pluto gets in the act
minnie and the hostess
the buffet area
You can have omelletes
Walt and his castle


Sept 30th, 2004

Haunted Mansion Holiday event (page by Sean)
misc. pix at the hearthstone (early evening)

goofing around
at the HearthStone
Lounge! =)
scary teddy attacks! mmmmmm cheese crack! =P Chris & Benji & Milady =)
cute couple!
C&J couple =) Milady & Chris!  =)


Aug, 8th 2004
Sean shows off the Tiki Room "big fig" he got for my bday!
oh, and it's my bday  =)
misc. pix) Hearthstone on the 7th & dinner at Storyteller's... on my bday, the 8th!

Jen & Dana chatting at Hearthstone 7 Aug
eilis & chris at Hearthstone 7 Aug
pretty horses at Storytellers 8 august
bday girl 36 and her dessert (bread pudding)
bday girl & bday mousse 8 august
lovely lights at storytellers

<>July, 2004


June, 2004


May , 2004


April 17th, 2004

April 11th, 2004
Easter Sunday

easter eggs at Storyteller's more eggs on the buffet  mickey overhead light  grand californian light  breakfast at
hanging out
in DCA
easter meeko at rushin' river signs point the way in DCA off to see the
sean & home on the range ad Happy Easter!

April 8th 2004
visiting with the Manleys & friends (aka: adventures w/kids!)

@the park!
 chris with Katie!  Jim with Hannah  missing sign along the way  buck
little patch
 of heaven 
your lovely  hostess  little patch cabin  little patch cabin 2 
cool cast critters
goats & sheep today's featured equine it's a cow..


ice cream
Debbie & Hannah Burrrbank icecream Hannah SeanYoda enjoys his icecream! Chris & Katie & Hannah =)
chip at Disney's California Adventure
dale 'rhymes with ale' hee! =P
Mushu Madness! signing! =)
more photo fun with mushu!
Sean & Pamela at the Boardwalk


April 4th 2004
mini Mulan Parade & the Snow White school play, er... Musical!


Boudin Bread
Boudin Bread Tour batch of dough spin spin you drops of dough!
mmmmmm! candycorn!
casey jr. aminal crackers! =)
churro cart themed! =)
leaf textures in bugsland
bugsland ad
mom! look at the pretty tower!
new attraction sign may 2004
mickey billboard! neat! Mulan!
Mulan meet & Greet outside Golden Dreams
Mulan meet & greet dragon drums MUSHU!
MUSHU! pretty girls pretty costumes!

Little Patch
of Heaven
Little Patch of Heaven way out West!
along the way!
yodelling cattle theif! goat
another goat! horse of course! another image of same horse snow white
snow finale! see! i saw it at least once! =)


March 21st, 2004
flowers around the DLR Hotels

spring in bloom
around DLR hotels
march 14th dlr hotel garden flowering at Paradise Pier Hotel mar 21st
more blooming
macros experiment mar21st
poppies at Grand Californian 21 march 04






Feb 2004



January 2004

January 3rd
checking out the DLR Rose Parade float & whatnot at DCA..

"A sudden Drop

in Pitch"

Drawn to Animation

Hollywood Backlot



January 2nd

dinner at Yamabuki; Disney's Paradise Pier....


& after dinner relaxing at the Hearthstone Lounge, Disney's Grand Californian

heading to Hearthstone

C&J Compass shopping!

GC's Lobby Tree

GC Lobby Tree detail

GC Lobby Tree Detail2

Sean check

Mellow Meeko

Lounge Lady




New Years Day 2004 at DLR.. parade and meeting up with LA & Sander! =)

DCA bridge


DL castle!


Holiday in NOS

Sean on the Stairs


Ariel waves!


La & Sander!!


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