Haunted Mansion Holiday 2004

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On Thursday, September 30, 2004, we attended Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Holiday merchandise event.  The event began with registration, which was pleasantly smooth.  We ended up waiting about a half-hour in the registration line.  Fortunately, we had artwork to examine while we were waiting.
Scare Teddy and presents
Bonedeer Model Sheet
jack looks at the pumpkin patch
A hearse has an accident

After we picked up our registration packet, and our first event gift, we moved on to another line to pick up our merchandise.  It was also long, but we understood that everyone would be examining their merchandise.  We were happy that everything we had purchased was in excellent shape, and that the cast member who assisted us was very understanding. (Click this for merchandise that people purchased)

With merchandise in hand, we went back to the car so we wouldn't be lugging stuff around.  Once that was taken care of, we met friends at the Hearthstone Lounge.  One of them had a little too much to drink.
Scary Teddy has too much Guiness

Afterwards, we gathered with a bunch of other folks outside the main entrance.  They had everyone line up while folks exited the park.  When it got near 8pm, they moved the lines to the main entrance.  Suddenly, another set of lines formed next to the exit.  A cast member eventually instructed those who were entering at 9:30 to go to the main entrance, while those whoe were to enter at 8 were in the correct line.  They then let us in, but rather than scanning our tickets, they examined our lanyards (Green lanyards were to enter at 9:30, everyone else entered at 8).  When we reached New Orleans Square, we were greeted with fog, live music, and an Oogie Boogie Moon.

oogie boogie moon
the haunted band
blood red fountain
mark twain in fog

During all of this, we were fed scrumptious food, decadent desserts, and tastey drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  They also handed out free popcorn and our "haunted treat", a rice krispie marshmellow dog bone treat. Eventually, we rode the Haunted Mansion where we were greeted by Jack and Sally (sorry, our photo didn't turn out well).  The mansion didn't seem too different than last year.  We enjoyed seeing our names on the supplemntal naughty and nice list.  We were both tagged as naughty!  After our ride, we were presented with our second gift of the night, a chocolate snake.

Our next activity was to play a series of games.  The first was a "find the prize" where you dragged your hand through a shallow barrel milled mostly with rubber worms (where were Timon and Pumbaa when you need them?).  The prize was a pair of Nightmare Before Christmas shoelaces.  The next game was "toss the ball in the test tube".  Even if you failed, you still won a small button of the Nightmare duck.  The third game was the one everyone wanted to play -- toss the rubber baby's head through the hole.  Again, even if you failed, you got a light-up bobble for your head.  The fourth game was "wheel of misfortune."  No matter what, you had to answer a Nightmare Before Christmas trivia question.  I failed to correctly name two of the animals on the Christmastown merry-go-round, but still won a temporary tattoo.  The final game, was, for me, the most fun.  You and one other player raced to put together a bonedeer.  I barely lost, but still ended up with a Nightmare Before Christmas beachball.  You could tell that the folks running the event felt the game lines got too long.  By the time we played the third game, cast members were wandering through the lines and offering to exchange the game tickets for the prizes.

After the games, we got in line to buy stuff from Le Bat En Rouge.  There was some cool stuff for sale; We walked away with a Deadly Night Shade jar and a Scary Teddy mini-bean.  With shopping and games done, we rode the mansion a few more times before the event concluded.  After the event ended, we walked back to the main entrance, where we received our final gift -- a tall keepsake box containing six mini-pins.

With such a long night, you'd think that was it for visiting the park, but we returned the next morning to purchase a set of Haunted Mansion Holiday pins.  After we purchased our pins, we went to the French Market for lunch, where we were happy to see new Haunted Mansion Holiday decorations.

do not disturb the ghosts

gingerbread house

and some new menu items:

Two souvineer Zero dog dishes.  The one on the left contains french fries, two barbecqued chicken drumsticks and a quarter rack of barbecqued pork ribs.  The one on the right contains vegetarian pasta and a bone shaped bagguette.  Both selections include a small salad with choice of dressing..
entrees in zero dishes

The special desserts include a cake topped with an Oogie Boogie candy wafer.
Oogie Boogie wants you to eat cake

Another special dessert is a bone-shaped
chocolate cake.  On the right side of the photo, you can also see this years souvineer hot beverage mug.
mmmm chocolate bone

We had the barbecqued chicken and ribs.  It along with a fruit salad made a great lunch for two.  After our meal, our Haunted Mansion Holiday adevnture was over.  Of course, we will hurry back.

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