Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room Merchandise
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Today we saw an awesome "big fig" of the Enchanted Tiki Room.
tiki room figure face on
medium sized                                                         large sized

Here's an angled view.
tiki room big fig viewed at an angle
medium sized             large sized

The Tiki Room sign, the lanterns in Tagaroa's tree, the flame on Pele's head and the windows of the Tiki Room all light up...
the tiki room big fig lights up
medium sized             large sized

As you can see, this is a very cool tiki room collectible. Just be aware that this comes in a box that could hold a computer monitor (and we're not talking an LCD screen either).  If you can, get it shipped.  Otherwise, bring a strong, secure luggage cart to get this back to your car.  Like othe "big figs" this item retails for $150.

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