Disneyland i5nomads! =)
Disneyland's 50th
Anniversary Year.. 1955-2005

October 2005
Oct 27th: Sean's Very Merry Trick Party at DCA
(Coming SOON!!!)
(Meeko was there but not so merry.. she was red-shirted!)

Oct 24th: quck trip
Lunch at rainforest Cafe with Denise & a window shopping trip! =)

chicken little scares people
everyone loves tigger town squre double decker
new orleans square swans castle castle

and finally.. Imagineering something in 2007!
(er.. yeah!)

Look what we see rounding into Tomorowland! =)  too cute!!!! =)

Sept 2005

hmmmm..  I dunno, did we go? (must be on a flashcard somewheres) =)

Aug 2005

Aug 20th: breakfast at Storytellers! =)
Breakfast w/Bruce & Marta before they head off for their Disney Magic Cruise back to Florida! =)

chip sneaks up on meeko pamela =) chip crowns meeko pamela =)
bruce and koda praise the salmon
ranger bob balances his walking stick
sean & pamela with meeko! =)

quotes around the Grand
*photo of Sean & Pamela w/Meeko by Bruce Metcalf

Aug 16th: dinner with friends at Club 33 (thank you!!!)
Bruce & Marta, S&P and LisaB & Vully (who invited us.. thank you!!) have a yummy dinner & dessert at Club 33. 6pm ressies. SeanYoda, Bruce & Marta had the prix fixe wine pairings 5course dinner (Bruce & Sean opted for the lamb sampler, Marta the vegetarian,) Pamela had the chicken, Lisa the chateuabriand, and Kym the lamb sampler..  =) thanks again for a wonderful opportunity to enjoy dinner at Club 33! After dinner & dessert w/coffee we stretched our legs a bit & walked around (sean took more photos) and we got a couple souvies fromt he Club 33 closet.  =) (S&P purchased a lovely Club 33 candle snifter).

sean & pamela (with her eyes closed!)
S&P's Club 33 dinner pix

ringing bell for dinner
entering club 33 marta & bruce
club 33 charger type  place holder meeko & a marc davis sketch behind her head
sean!  =) looking dapper in meeko tie!
bookshelves club 33 fruit punch (just juice!) club 33 french onion soup mixed greens sean's ahi
grilled chicken breast w/polenta (meeko's) sean's lamb wine pairing dinner lisa's chateaubriand w/polenta?  =) marta & bruce  =) lisa! =)
wine pairing
dinners came with fruit tart

fruit tart dessert w/pairings ala carte:
'chocolate bomb'
tastes like fudgie brownie
& cake

meeko's dessert, chocolate 'bomb' lisa's dessert:
Sean's mens
room adventure

sean's photos men's room tank mens facility mensroom sink serviettes
quick visit to
the Trophy Room
photos by sean

club33 trophy room trophy room walt portraits
more walt
clock & shelves
Vully on the phone  =)
club33  mark twain portrait

Aug 15th: a couple pix from Disney's Grand Californian Lobby
meeting up with Bruce & Marta at their hotel for drinks at the Hearthstone.. a couple pix on our way out..

fireside area of lobby at GCH
piano in lobby at GCH

Aug 08th: Meeko's 37th bday
(dca & dinner at Cafe Tratorria & Remember: "dreams come true" (whatever) from Mickey & Friends)

mickey & friends parking receipt
meeko w/parking receipt  =)
off to
Ca. Adventure!

sean =) sean w/poppies & roses S&P in DCA 080805

sean w/salad sean's grilled chicken bruschetta salad =) meeko's vegetable lasagne & sean's bruschetta
meeko melty ice cream (spoons?) making a wish =)
Grizzley Peak =)

sean (the back side of GRR)
warning! sign
watch for rocks! (look there's one on the left!)
meeko took this photo
grr geysers
big geyser
more of Sean's pix! =)
sunset of Grizzley Peak
Soarin' show building at night =) (no riding!)

on to the
for dessert
& drinks!
now this is what we call dessert! S&P by T*  =) cool chick (photo by meeko w/out flash) meeko & the good kind of mudslide =)
wishes from
Mickey &
Friends Parking
above TDA viewed from Minnie level =) make a wish =) i can't hear but main street? haunted mansion?
more stuff
Haunted Mansion? heart? target? tink? tink?
fireworks good stuff! last two..
finale =)
finale stuff =)
finale stuff =)

July 2005

July 18th: Hanging in the parks w/Kristy
(also "Remember" 50th anniversary Fireworks from Main St)

July 17th: Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Celebration

July 16th: LP 'golden doobies' 2005 *coming soon!*

July 10th: NFFC Show & Sale

nffc new merch
new merch 2005
mr toad car
HM merch more merch
show & sale
Jason & Kevin signings
Main Street plan
main street vehicles motor
main street plan2 2006

JUNE 2005

June 24: Shag's Cocktail Hideaway

June 18:
Carolwood Pacific Historical Society meets up for a special day. 50yrs ago today the EP Ripley went online at the Happiest Place on Earth. Michael Broggie was there..  CPHS members were allowed to share this special moment in Disney history with Michael and his wife Sharon as we rode around the park to commemorate the occasion.

MAY 2005

APR 2005

April 28: Hooks Pointe reopening & DL 50th Anniv. fireworks sneak preview
...a little bird (grin) had let folks know that Hooks Pointe would be opening tonight & rolling out the 'new' menu. We of course had been anticipating this, and were eager to get down there and check it out. Some of the changes included some new pasta variations, removal of some old favorites and addition of some new faves like the beef skewers (which we devoured before we could remember to take a picture.) Here's some pix from that as well the surprise of practice fireworks for the 50th.. (we may add more later.. psr).

Hooks Kids Menu Hooks Pointe Menu Peninsula Grill Lighthouse Sausage Fettuccine
Captains Cookie
Key Lime Pie (w/chocolate treasure map!)

Disneyland Hotel Fountain Disneyland Hotel fountain
DTD view of dress rehearsal fireworks (park closed @ 6pm)
fireworks above the 'hub'
'boxed' shells
DL  hub Main street shells
50th  DL Anniversary fireworks

dude! (look who we met up with at Hearthstone Lounge 4/28/05 psr)

April 16: All
NEW Disneyland visit now with more FANTASMIC!
(coming soon!)

April 13: Sean's birthday breakie at Granville's!  =)

sean and his crayons
sean and meeko
making art
the table
bday cupcake
sean and pamela by ashley

MAR 2005

March 27: Easter Breakfast at Granvilles:
sean at Granvilles
meeko at Granvilles
nextel portable tower

After breakfast we headed back to the car at Downtown Disney Parking and saw this portable Nextel cel tower. Not as subtle as the  cel tower faux palm trees we've seen  in other areas..  =P

Indiana Jones 10th Anniversary Adventure

Feb 2005

Chip N Dale Wild West Pin Event 3 Feb 2005

January 2005
30 January: Laughing Place.com Breakfast Club (LP celebrates 5years with a special breakfast at Club 33!)

jan 14th; 75 years Mickey Mouse:

75 mickeys
fess parker mickey mouse
fess meeko

above is the cool fess parker Mickey in front of Cafe Tratoria!

Sean's 2005 "Believe!" fireworks.. coming soon!

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