Carolwood Pacific Historical Society
50th anniversary DLRR's

EP Ripley
*18 June, 2005*

Michael Broggie & EP Ripley CPHS commemorative pin =)
commemorative pin designed by & ©m. broggie

Sunday morning meet-up with the CPHS folks for a special dedication of the 50th anniversary of the Disneyland Railroad going online in 1955.  We arrived just in time for the big group picture of CPHS members just inside the gate.  Once the photo was taken, we all headed up to the DLRR Main Street station to hop on board the EP Ripley. Here are a few of the photos we took from that morning.

Michael & Sharon Broggie celebrate the 50th anniversary of the EP Ripley
Sharon & Michael Broggie up front in engine #2 EP RIPLEY, commemorating 50 years
since the DLRR first went online at the Happiest Place on Earth! =) (Disneyland)

mickey entrance gates
all aboard! =) first train out..
sharon & michael up front!
michael broggie's day! =)
DLRR water tower  =)
into the tunnel
heading into the tunnel
New Orleans Square
pooh country er, critter country
s&p on the ep ripley 18 june 2005

michael broggie bridge/plaque m. broggie with DLRR engineer
michael broggie & WED plaque
conductor CM
happy kid =)

After our ride around the stations, (with a few photo ops along the way with Michael Broggie and some of the CPHS members) we all met up again over at the Opera house where we checked out the new exhibit and the 50th anniversary film starring Steve Martin and Donald Duck. (cute movie!) 

50 yrs DL
50yr DL exhibit DLRR ticket plaque
castle & diarama diarama2 country bears! country bears2

Michael Broggie invited folks to meet up over at Compass Books around 1230pm/1pm for a question and answer chat about his Disneyland memories and a lucky opportunity for us.. well, for SeanYoda at any rate..  =) to get his LE CPHS Disneyland Railroad Spike.  (good thing we didn't go to the post office BEFORE we arrived at the park!) Included are a few photos Pamela took from where she was resting with the camera (and now you know what happens when meeko can't hear or see from where she's at).

Michael Broggie of CPHS  addresses a big crowd close up by Sean another shot
cactus flowers
cactus bloom
cactus home cactus flower
dtd birds shade in cactus
sean 50th anniver. EP Ripley ©cphs/m. broggie

DLR 2005
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