memories from LP club 33 breakfast
keepsakes of our special Club 33 breakfast
with special surprise visit with Margaret Kerry "Tinker Bell"  =)

Disney's Club 33
January 30th, 2005!

<>Despite having been up til about 2am (4am in the case of 'smeeeko') we got up about 6am and started getting ready for our special once in a lifetime opportunity to have breakfast at Club 33 celebrating 5years of Little did we know that there were other once in a lifetime opportunities in store for us.  =)

First things first.. we drove to the Mickey & friends parking structure where we met up with all our LP buddies attending the breakfast and parked over at Pinnochio, oversized parking area on street level. No worries about finding each other, Disneyland had it all worked out.. and we boarded the tram to the front, then walked from the Downtown Disney tram loading area to the Main Entrance Plaza of Disneyland.

Already there were many people waiting:
folks gathered for the LP 5th anniversary

Dave gets everyone's attention so that we can all get organized to get everyone lined up & ready to go into the park as effieciently as possible, as well, to pass out the special buttons that were made for folks that requested them. Little did I know that SeanYoda had taken care of all that..  here's the one I got!
30 Jan 2005 LP breakfast club at club33
isn't it neat?? and it's got the date on it & everything. I love the logo! =) *happy*  "LP Breakfast Club" (that's what the BC is for folks that wondered..) and then of course my LP boards id "smeeeko" and o' course the date.

ok.. Sean was scamper around everywhere taking photos.. here's another:
LPers chatting it up!
SeanYoda in shadow taking photos of LP folks gathered & enjoying each others company in the early morning light. Many tiara wearing ladies, and even a few finely dressed gentleman (see Schmitty in his suit on far right)!

After we all queued up to receive our pass and took our group photo, we filed into the park and down mainstreet escorted by a wonderful set of Club 33 cast members. Many folks remarked on how different it was to be walking up Main Street with no other guests in the park. Sean took a couple photos showing the desolation of guests..  (but for us mauraders of the breakfast kind).

lonely ODV cart in the morning
pretty little popcorn cart, standing alone in front of the castle! =)

Speaking of Pretty!
Sleeping Beauty Castle all decked out for the 50th
Looking toward the Partners Statue & hub, SeanYoda captures an image of the freshly repainted Sleeping Beauty Castle ready for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Disneyland, and gleaming in the early morning sunlight! =)

castle 2
another image of Disneyland's castle.. (Carnation Plaza Gardens on left)

rivers of america
empty New Orleans Square before the park opens.. Mark Twain sits docked and waiting for its busy day, as well Tom Sawyer Island sits quietly anticipating all the activity the Rivers of America will have in a few short hours.

inside club 33
folks gathered around their tables checking out the merch list for the very special Laughing Place 5th anniversary breakfast at Club 33. There were several items specially chosen for LaughingPlace to purchase including a Club 33 bathrobe, a few different polo shirts in varying sizes, pullovers, longsleeve twill shirt and a few other surprises...

The Cast Members at Club 33 were ver attentive fillng our juice glasses and coffee before we even thought to ask for it, it was there. Once we were gathered and everyone was seated, they announced that merchandise would be handled while we ate our yummy breakfast buffet and then we were allowed to start our breakfast one table at a time to avoid the huge rush to the bacon, er, buffet!  =)

lpers enjoying the buffet
LPers enjoying the breakfast buffet at Club 33.

Breakfast included assorted pastries, cheese, and fruits, as well crackers, cereal & milk. Hot served items included: quiche, bacon, potatoes, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, steak, and of course Mickey Mouse waffles with maple syrup! =)

Here's some of the fruit & pastries that we enjoyed (notice the MM shaped watermelon!):
smeeeko's fruit plate: a couple pastries, a wedge of brie & assorted fruits: blueberries, pineapple, and watermellon were among the items available.  (the Laughing Place sheet was an order form made available to us to choose what items we were wanting to purchase from the event).

Here's SeanYoda & Smeeeko enjoying their first visit to Club 33 together (SeanYoda's 2nd visit!)

OK! Time to take a look around! SeanYoda took some pix inside and outside the exclusive Club, as well Smeeeko got suckered into taking her camera into the ladies room before breakfast.. Here we go!  =)

The Ladies Room:
Um, yeah btw: when we went in to use the sink to wash our hands, there were already several folks in there taking photos of the ladies room.. and I guess there were a few gents getting photos of the mens latrines too..  *grin*

photos around Club 33:

NO Square


Sean took this photo of me on the Club 33 balcony =)

SeanYoda & Smeeeko

NO Square

Surprise event speaker, Ms. Margaret Kerry
(movie star, model and all around amazing lady!)

Margaret Kerry speaks
Margaret Kerry talks about her experience working with Walt Disney  playing "Tinker Bell"=)

tink in the mirror   
Ms. Kerry goest through some of her Tink poses.. this one she looks in the mirror..

tink in the mirror

After Ms. Kerry spoke she answered questions if anyone had any, as well sat for photos with the LPers. =) Suffice to say there was a big lineup for photos! =)

Eventually orders for Club 33 merch were filled and one by one everyone who purchased items received their order. While waiting we all chatted, or explored the on stage area of Club 33. Several of us took photos from the Club 33 balcony, a view you don't get to see every day (well *we* don't get to see it every day!) as well posing for photos from the balcony. 

There was a run on the bacon and many folks went back for 2nds (mmmmmmmm... bacon good!) and many folks just sat and visited for a bit. LPers don't often get to chat with their posting friends in person so all-around it was a rare visit, but most rarest of all was this opportunity we were given to help celebrate 5years of Sean & I would like to thank our buddies over there, Doobie & Rebekah and Dave, Lulu and everyone... for creating  & maintaining such a friendly place on the internet for Disney fans. A special thanks to Dave & Lulu for putting this event on and the cast members at Club 33 (and the chef that made more bacon!) as well DLdug, 'Darkbeer' Dave and others for helping with coordination, wonderful photos you guys took, the raffles, the special fun we all had.. .made possible by all of you.  It was definitely something worth getting 2hrs of sleep for.   =)

Sean may be editing & working on the raw images in the future.. All images posted are the only ones we seem to have of Ms. Kerry.  (Sean may edit them in the future to better edit the images. These were done overnight and posted for the most part at about 3-4am.  =)

2005 DLR
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