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When we received the announcement for Shag's Cocktail Hideaway, another Disneyland merchandise event that included (as always) the opportunity to purchase special merchandise and cocktail reception with the artist Shag, we knew that we wanted to attend.  So, of course, we did...

our official photo
Here we are, before the event

Prior to the cocktail, we had to pick up our registration and merchandise.  Fortunately, well themed signs directed up to the correct places...

registration line
merch pick-up

Along with our registration packet came our first gift.  When the event was announced, people on the Disneyland merchandising mailing list received on of five different postcards.  Event attendees were given all five postcards...

All five land postcards

The postcard images were also available 24" x 31" matted and framed acrylic art, which was on display in the room where we picked up our merchandise...

artwork on display

Attendees on the "Tomorrowland" package received an extra gift of a clock with a map of Disneyland on it's face.  Sorry, we don't have a photo of the clock, but here's the map (which also served as the backdrop for the comemorative photo)...

the map

The artwork also served as decoration for the cocktail reception room...

main street

As part of the reception, they served grilled marinated vegetables, fruit, cheese (see the above photo), desserts, and, of course drinks.  When the reception started, our 1960s tour guide introduced the entertainment (a band called The Swingin' Shagateers) and the artist Shag.  Naturally, this being a cocktail party, Shag worked his way to the drinks line (of course there was a line, this is Disney after all) and then attracted quite a crowd for the night...

the swingin' shagateers
veggie fruit fruit
it's shag!

Throughout the reception, the band paid tributes to the various lands through song.  For example, to pay tribute to Adventureland they performed"In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room", and for Tomorrowland, they performed "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow".  The final land to receive a tribute was Main Street USA. For that, our tour guide started singing "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Disneyland proudly presents, our spectacular festival pageant of night-time magic and illumination, in thousand of sparkling lights, and electro-syntho-magnetic musical sounds — The Main Street Electrical Parade."  Then, as The Shagateers started performing the electrical parade music, out marched the lit-up dancers from the parade (click the last photo for a short video)...

ep dancers
more dancers
click photo for video

With that, the event was over.  We were able to pick up our commemorative photo and gift.  The gift was a signed plaque of one of the five postcards shown above distributed at random.  When we picked up and turned over our plaques, we found that we had chosen "Tomorrowland" and "Fantasyland".

our plaques

We had a good time at the cocktail party.  The food was good, the drinks were strong, and the band was entertaining.  Still, there were a few things that could have been done a little better.  At the start of the event, it was obvious that the room was too small and stuffy.  It also would have been nice to have a third bar line.  During the reception, we ended up stepping out for fresh air, and actually ended up taking in dinner at the PCH Grill.  This was no reflection on the food, it was just that we hadn't eaten and needed something more substantial than the finger foods.  At the end of the night, we encountered the biggest blunder of the night. We found out that people who had left earlier were able to essentially choose the plaque they wanted, thus all of the Adventureland plaques were gone.  While we're happy with the plaques we randomly picked, we agree with others that they should have either given everyone the same plaque design (Adventureland) or given everyone a plaque of the map.  We're sure that this left a bad taste in a few peoples mouths.  Still, we would likely attend another one of these.  It was a great and appropriate setting to meet Shag.

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