*disneyland 2006*

Sean & Pamela's photos for 2006 at the Disneyland Resort =)
the most crowded, er HAPPIEST place on earth..  =)


: contains a mix of graphic heavy pix! =)

JULY 2006

Disneyland's 51st birthday "weekend"
July 17th, 2006
LaughingPlace.com DL bday meets & Golden Doobies awards, (including DL's afternoon rededication cerimony with Marty Sklar & DL band)

JULY 16th, 2006
LP.com  Club 33 breakfast. Cafe Orleans dinner & disneyland meets

JUNE 2006

June 27, 2006
PotC  'official' ride re-opening at Disneyland (the refurbed version w/ Jack Sparrow)

June 26, 2006
Andy & Michelle's family visit to DIsneyland

MAY 19th, 2006
S&P's 5th wedding anniversary =)

souvenir photo at DCA entrance 5/19
*so yeah.. "point at my feet and look surprised!" uhhhh.. whut????*

Sean & I went to food and wine fest at Disney's California Adventure.  First (after getting about 5 photos taken of us from the photogrpaher chick.. yeah I really hate being asked for photos every time we go in, I know it's their job.. but still.. ) Since it was a special occasion (they don't have anniversary buttons or stickers.. 'today we're 5!') Sean said "why not" to the photo vultures. (there's a lot of them and they hang around a bridge looking for easy pickins.. thus my little nickname for them..)


We didn't take a lot of pix but we did spend the day snacking our way around DCA.
-shared a REALLY BIG cinnemon roll and diet soda from the bakery (they don't have the cheese danishes anymore!)
-attended the cheese demo.. which was cool! ( meeko even found a goat cheese she actually likes!)
-also discover meeko might be allergic to cherry flavored chutney (made my tongue swell & sting like with too many tomatoes or strawberries.. PSR)
-sampled the food over in the farmers market area and the wharf area.. (didn't take pix of everything) including steamed artichoke, beef skewers, Karl Strauss wheat hefeweizen.. )
-rode monsters INC dark ride (still fun!)
-found a couple IMAGINEERING FIELD GUIDES to WDW's MK & EPCOT for seanyoda.   =) (purchased)
-sampled some more foodage.. (tried the peach cobbler, karl straus knockwurst, chicken skewers & tomato & goat cheese salad..) We also ran into MILADY!  =)
-went to the wine demo at 230pm..
-purchased the Stitchie pic after waiting for what seemed like forever.. (FOR EVER!) at the Greetings photo pic up place, (not necessarily DLR's fault.. I blame the lady that insisted she get all 8 of her kids together to see the pix first and yelled at them through the store despite the queue that was forming behind her).
-hung out a little bit at Hearthstone for some ice cold drinkies.. then dinner at Storyteller's (mmm bread pudding!)
-did a little window shopping  for some Clinique toner at Sephora (didn't buy anything though)

and now.. the photos..

cheese cheese sample italian goatcheese you will like creamy
best goatcheese
salad, wheatbeer, beef skewer
milady =)
flowers in bloom by the tratoria
wine tasting demo
explaining flavors and growing

APRIL 13th-16th, 2006
SeanYoda's EASTER & barrage! bday weekend   =)

barrage sign
Easter weekend:  3 sets nightly..  =)

APRIL 13th, 2006
bday dinner thurs  at Napa Rose & barrage!  =)

barrage in concert at the Hollywood Pictures Backlot DCA
(cool contert-y lighting)

dinner & a show... (bear pix by SeanYoda)

whitewater snacks bear  =)
napa rose lounge lighting napa lounge cocktails before dinner wine list for the bday bear dining w/ craftsman style
appetizer bday dessert sampler for 2 happy birthday! sean makes a wish and blows grizzley peak at dca
nightly..  =)
canadian barrage! barrage minus 2
barrage chopstickin'
maybe this one?
another number
drummer solo
last semi fun photo
back home
sean's new
toy is

SPLASH big fig (thanks milady!)

APRIL 14th, 2006 
goodfriday we stayed home.  (barrage! rained out we found out later)
Sean made mostly vegetarian TJs for dinner.. & watched the giants.. =)

but wait..  there's still more BARRAGE!

APRIL 15th & 16, 2006 
back for more barrage!  =)

which way to the stage?
do you know the way? =)

a little bit of window shopping & friends & daylight concert pix..

sat. pix
too dark!
but we met up with Art!

sean gets his videocamera ready BIG FIG we didn't get
big fig at world of disney who's this guy?? where are we?
daytime pix finally!
sun. pix
guitar solo more solo da girls! A&R surprise  =)
A&R with muppet buddy
A&R buddies
drumming by day.. singing girls
another hearthstone brownie!  =)


April 1st, 2006

spring at the hub & castle
look at all them red shirts (j/k)
partners statue in spring
waiting meeko

dl 70s mug       70s 2       70s mug 3

SEANYODA's new 70s mug  =) 

(hint! make sure the cocoa moo is hot before drinking.. bleh!)

*coming soon* i think..

sleepy kittys

zepher cats 5

like the cinnamon roll chick.. nothing for ya.. sorry..


JANUARY 8th, 2006
LP meetup at Disneyland w/felix aka: "world disney"  =)

who me? late
who me? late..  no way!...  =)

the gang is here pt one
friendoffdd tells us a story
what time is the meet? there he is.. lost in traffic.. sure!
felix shares his TDS pix =)
dave gets in close to see better
HM wait time

more to come!