Laughing Place Disneyland Birthday Meets
Sunday July 16th, 2006

breakfast with buddies @ Club 33 (thanks Lulu & Dave!!!)

waiting for the gang to arrive
walt portraits
meeko's coffee cup sean's plate

club 33 furniture and stuff outside the window
rivers of america
new orleans square view

a few  LP Club 33 breakfast buddies!
darkbeer & those crazy pirate gals (grin)  =)
folks enjoying breakie more lp folks (including dave's back) enjoying breakie
jazz band through the wrought iron
esplanade and royale
pirate brittany and her new club 33 ears pirates singing
lulu and dr frtloop
lulu II

s and p

Pirate Brittany's Pirates of the Carribean meet (11am)

aka Pirate Brittaney's PotC meet

gathering at the rivers of america
beware pirate gals w glowing pirate pistols =)
ursula and her new toy!
columbia a little over photoshopped
lulu in the queue!
lp pals
bright map

pirate skelaton pirates at the table gold
we wants the redhead!

Sean & Pamela's very late Lunch at Cafe Orleans! (440pm)

cafe orleans
table service at Cafe Orleans

We've been wanting to try the new menu at Cafe Orleans since it reopened with the new table service menu. The photos below were taken at our inside meal and include some photos of the rehabbed inside dining area.  So far the restaruant is proving to be very popular with it's new menu and it's easy to see why. Be sure and make reservations if you're wanting to try the place out..  SeanYoda posted his review on the Disneyland live journal community.  You can read his review by going to this link here: Disneyland Dining Review: Cafe Orleans 16 July 2006 as the post is public.

sean's mint julip! side salad de maison (yum!) pomme frites with aiolli dip
chicken gumbo crepe w/potatoes & asparagus spears
3 cheese monte cristo w/fruit & dip! (yum!)
MM beignets!
mickey mouse beignets w/ fruit & creme anglais dip
the cafe o expresso maker
inside seating area lighting & interior of the refurbed Cafe O another image of same

after dinner,
we visited a couple places..
after dinner we go to the gallery.. the view! then we rode the jungle cruise

on to DCA where we had some time to walk off our filling dinner, check out the Boudin Bakery tour (again) and as we left the bakery tour got to experience the last song of the last set of "MARIACHI DIVAS!"  they were great!

the mariachi divas!
mariachi divas
another image..


Our last meet of the day was LP's  "OC Dean" Cove Bar meet with Laughing Place friends as well there was a "Mice Chat Meet" that seemed to be having a co-mingling schedule as well.. Cove bar, then to Hearthstone, then to Lost Bar.. (2 drinks and lots of water and diet soda for S&P.. ) Photos taken at the official meet:

darkbeer & nicholas against the Paradise Pier sunset
CMPaley "chris' (LP's Dan & friends behind chris)
judimouse celebrates her bday 2 days early!
chris sips his tequila  =)
"Scar" &  friends

We had a really great time.. eventually our meet host did show.. (no pix sorry) Dean & the gang traveled to Hearthstone for some coffee drinks, mellow conversation and a what seemed like an internet chat board take-over of the mellowest lounge around.. (NFFC, mice chat,, to name just a few.. ) We're not sure if they were expecting so many of us on a Sunday evening..  *grin* SeanYoda & I shared the infamous warm brownie sundae ala mode as well a couple coffee drinks, then a few of us headed to Lost Bar where the disney board fans dwindled to about  a handful of folks and the mice chat folks were outside still keeping the pixie dust flowing. We were exhausted though, and had another full day of meets and celebrating to attend  (hopefully) so we dragged our bodies to the dead center of the parking lot (just kidding).  We were dog tired!! =)

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