a very merry 50th- er..
(51st birthday) Disneyland!

Laughing Place Disneyland Birthday Meets

Monday July 17th, 2006

Sean and Pamela run into Milady!
Sean & Pamela run into Milady near Carnation Plaza Gardens! =)

LaughingPlace.com's Lunch time Lounge & "Golden Doobies" awards!
Carnation Plaza Gardens relaxing meet (1130-1pm)

It was a very very hot day at the park! Lots of liquids being drank and shade whenver possible..  Fortunately or unfortunately there were less guests than expected for such a special day, but the LP folks had a good time and had a corner of the Carnation Plaza Gardens to ourselfves to eat, chat & have a good time..

lounge  purpledove
lounge dan
judimouse lisa margo
brit, 999, ursula
The Golden Doobies
friendofDD intro golden doobies
golden doobies/ lounge
golden doobies
golden doobies friendofdd ursula

After the Golden Doobies we meandered over for the Ursula's Tiki room Meet..
Took several photos but only a few turned out.. Here's what was edited so far..

sean and pamela a little fuzzy
in the tiki room!  =)

tiki birds
tiki room jose tiki meet tiki birds

Next meet up: 999 Haunt's Haunted Mansion Meet! (3pm)
What a crafty family those Pirate gals are! Each LPer  that rsvp'd got a cute 'goody' bag and their photo taken by TiggerBell for the 100th Happy Haunt photo frame they made especially for the meet..  neat!

100th happy haunt 100th happy haunt
gathering edisyoda  purpledove LPers gather wonderingalice denise friendofdd more happy haunts materialize
happy haunts darkbeer, lisa cmpaley brittany ursula jb sean on the phone Haunted Mansion ride height haunted mansion
into the queue alexbook on the right =) queue of LPers! more lp buddies almost there!

Sailing Ship COLUMBIA!
After the Haunted Mansion meet we decided to give the sailing Ship Columbia a go since it looked to be sailing and we'd heard good things about the 'pirates' takeover of the ship. Turns out that the Pirates don't really take over the Columbia at all but a good time is had by all and you get to experience and learn a little about sailing from the pirates' point of view, as well living before and aft of the mast.. (our pirate guide "Quill" showed us around below deck the Captains Quarters and the map room among other quick tour of the Columbia.  =)  Here's some of the pix I was able to edit and post:

sailing ship columbia
seanyoda and smeeeko
crowding around the pirate to hear
pirates return shout out to pirate quill
pirate takeover
50th banner up in New Orleans Square pirates celebrate harpers on tom sawyer island
quill the pirate this here is why Ft Wilderness
fire salute
animatronic native american with horse yo ho a pirates life for me lets all go below deck
tour of the capatains quarters

That was soo much fun! So off to walk around Main Street and have some ice cream.. then to the Main Street Cinema for escape to cool air and some "PLANE CRAZY" with mickey and minnie.. then it was time for the next meet.. the unofficial unofficial meet at town sqaure.

Disneyland's 51st Birthday Celebration & Re-dedication Ceremony Meet (430pm-ish)

dlrr station
LPers and others line town square
here comes mickey and the gang!
donald waves to judimouse!
here comes the band!
characters front and center!
band marching in formation
front and center! rededication
of disneyland:
the 'mayor' &
marty sklar!

mayor of main street usa speaches
introducing Marty Sklar oh boy! lets remember walt rededication
disneyland band
sean waves to mickey and minnie
goofy dance

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