*disneyland 2007*

Sean & Pamela's photos for 2007 at the Disneyland Resort =)
the most crowded, er HAPPIEST place on earth..  =)


: contains a mix of graphic heavy pix! =)

sept 22nd  2007

Sean & Pamela's quick visit to Disneyland for the  Sean's Main Street collectibles release at park opening.. we were late.. but we still had fun.
-park opened at 8am, we got there at 830am. Here we are on the tram!

The sky opened up and rained while we were on the tram and contined  off & on. The streets were wet!
-Town Square is all decked out for the fall & Hallowe'en season! Including the Omnibus!
-Town Hall and the horse drawn trolley.  =)
- Here comes SeanYoda. He was taking in the decorations in his own time, as well.
-Here's the horse drawn trolley making it's way up Main Street. (we're waiting in line at this point).
-the decorations viewed toward Town Square from our location near the camera shop.

Friend Denise came to DLR to hang out with Sean & myself while we waited. We ended up walking around some, getting Sean coffe and a snack for ourselves and then we rode the train!
-here's Denise waiting on the train with me (you can also see the decorations at the maingate  behind the train station).
-me & Denise!  =)
-when we came back from our trip around the park, there was "Miss Pumpkin" performing in Town Square with the DL marching  band.
-She and a dapper looking fellow were singing about trick r treating after they sang "when the saint's go marching in" (I swear)
-another shot of the band and the performers.  I like her orange dress. the songs.. ehh.. cheesy.  The band was fantastic, as usual!
-at Disneyland, even the flowers are getting in the spirit of fun with  the flowers forming the shape of pumpkins!
-at around 1230 SeanYoda finally got to the front and was able to purchase a couple of his main street pieces. The sign in front of disneyana were slightly inaccurate, however.. and they were a bit short-handed but we were glad to get what pieces we could to add to Sean's growing collection.


(should be other pix from our visit but they're on Sean's camera I think).

Around 1pm or so we were ready to eat! So we walked over to  New Orleans Square and checked out the decorations and food at French Market.
- the menu
-the 'ceiling' a giant cobweb!  =)
-close up of the zombie gingerbread man
-zooming out you can take in the whole effect of pumpkins and 'scary' nightmare before christmas decor.
-details of pumpkin and Fall decor
-another shot, this one behind the central counter.
-NBC decorations infused (nightmare before Christmas.. or "Haunted Mansion Holiday")
-naughty desserts!  (chocolate!!!)

SeanYoda & I had the "Royal Chicken w/ beans & rice, salad, and roll" and..
-we split our strawberry cheesecake in a "ZERO" bowl!  =)
-another close up of our dessert.. Sean found another Haunted Mansion Holiday mug to add to his collection (grin)
-the "hitch hiking ghosts" are edible..  but taste-wise SeanYoda doesn't advise it.   =P

So now we're heading out..
-Sean took a photo of some really  neat Pirates merchandise at Disneyana.
-here's some neat tink "season" collectibles. We're not into Tink, but Sean thought they were neat.
-We took a couple more shots of the pumpkin clock in the window (been trying a few times earlier in the day but the glare was making it difficult).
-this poster shot really shows the glare but it's still a neat fireworks poster, as we leave Disneyland.


We wanted to take a quick peek at the decorations over at DCA, but first we HAD to get a shot of the plaza outside the gate..
-CALIFORNIA in 'candycorn'   =)
-DCA entrance all decked out in candycorn. Yep, it's "Hallowe'en time!"
-close up.. 
-close up again..  (thinking these light up nice at night!)
-sunshine plaza turned into "candycorn acres" (mmmmmmmm candycorn!)
-I bet the real Remy from "ratatouille" would be drooling, otherwise lots of fun Ratatouille merch in the Engin'ears Toys window..
-will you look at the size of THAT candycorn??  omg.. my teeth are hurting..  =) (it's a meet n greet stage folks).

Last shot before we head to a certain place for a special someone's bday.. it's the "CARS" meet-n-greet over in "Condor Flats."  Mater is on the left and on the right is of course, Lightning McQueen. "kerchow!"   (no, I don't do impressions.. ).

30 Sept 2007   psr

ok.. my bad. NOT the last photo.. here's a parting shot from our exit from Mickey & Friends parking structure..

taste food and wine festival
closeup of the take-home souvenir of our visit to "TASTE"
food & wine festival @dca on the 12th of May, 2007.

may 12th  2007

-WELCOME! year of a million dreams..  sure, it's food & wine fest time at DCA!  =)
-the food and wine festival at Disney's California Adventure.. banner and (monorail) bridge.

but first.. 
-sean & pamela ride "monsters inc"  (first we wait in the queue..)
-the poster
-"eat at Harryhausen's"
- conserve those screams!  (*grin*)

whenever we go to DLR it seems we always run into friends at one point or another.. this time it's a PODCAST meet!!
-our buddy Paul Barrie doing a LIVE! "Windows to the Magic" podcast (um.., thanks for telling me!)
-more podcast!

-it looks like a tiki meet with all those shirts but no, it's just  the line of folks waiting to get into the "TASTE" food & wine fest..
-Here's one of the tables set up for outside dining, which mirror the ones on the inside of the fest.

We tried a lot of samples (and a lot of wine.. so I may make an error or two.. )
-here's one of the yummier ones: ESPN Zone spare ribs
-here's the guys with the good stuff!
-some sort of salad
-sean had sushi
-there were "meatball sliders" everyone seemed to rave over (meeko didn't care for them so much)
-meeko's fave was the "portebello mushroom cappachino" soup.. omigosh!  that was good!    =) I wish I had a photo to share with you but you get the line instead! 

All through the evening the diners on the inside were treated to live performance by one of our most fave bands..
-BARRAGE!!  (whoo hoo!)

-judimouse  shared our table and enjoyed some yummy desserts..
-(they were indeed yummy!) as we all got a little sampling of something.  (truffles were gone... I should have grabbed 2!)
-at the end of the event a cast member was kind to take our photo..
-here's the festival area with the lights up.

Now that night's TASTE event was over, we headed on our way to Disneyland but first..
-there was the Electrical Parade going by, so we snapped this photo before siddling over to Disneyland.

- a blurry castle photo
-the "Carnation Plaza" with live band and dancing..
-the "legends of swing"
-closeup of trombone player..

-impromptu  dive in??

april banner

april 21st 2007

Sean & Pamela head to Disneyland bright and early to pick up Sean's Bachman train.. and meet some friends along the way...
time to let Julie have some time to enjoy her vacation.. so we head out of the park to pick up Sean's train and run the rest of our errands! It was fun to see you Julie! Hope you had a wonderful rest of your vacation with mom!   =)

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