Camp MiniMeeko!


Ft. Wilderness Campground
Walt Disney World
Oct 30-31st, 1999

   Had a really fun time at Ft. Wilderness.  Thea Cassetta & I camped out in my little tent, then attended the MINI "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" Meet at the Magic Kingdom.

Ready for some photos??? <g>


    Ok.. first the loop we DIDN'T stay at!  Thea pointed this sign out on our way to
Jackrabbit, (where Camp Mini Meeko actually was) but my mom managed to snap this on the way.  =)  Good shot mom!

here's Thea & Myself posing by our  campsite.  You can see Rabbit and Meeko & Brer Bunny who were our tentmates....
Also, you can make out the cool banner poster my mom made for the weekend.

here's the tent and you can sort of make out the Christmas lights I brought along.  Thea strung them up for us.. Turns out half the lights weren't working because of a missing light.  Luckily enough, the half that worked, was the half that hung near the tent. =)


Here's a new picture added (11/23) my mom took this also of me (L) and Thea (R) as we pose just inside the tent.


Here we are again. A close-up of our cute faces!  <g> hmm.... Biscuit seems to be hiding *his* cute face!

This is the Comfort Station close to our campsite...The door on the far left is the womens showers/toilets.  In the center you can make out the pay phones.. which is where I made my calls to Sean!  Off to the far left of the station is a golf cart that you can rent to get around in the campground.  Pretty handy..but noisy when you are trying to watch the movie at the singalong!


Here's a some pix from our wanderings around the campground...

  this is Randy showing off his new sword.  Thea & I stopped by on our way out shopping at Belz to say hello.. Randy was set up in a pretty fancy place, IMHO.. um.. is it still camping if you bring furniture from home???  <g>

Thea!  This at the bus stop near our loop, (jack rabbit!)

here's a very bad photo of the hayride passing by the Outpost. The driver was dressed up and trying to spook people, but he was pretty funny in a lame sort of way.

    OK! This is where we stayed!.. Wanna see the Park Pix????  Thought so!!

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