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Where & When do you want to go today?? We've been attending the rec.arts.disney.parks newsgroup meets in Disney World practically every year since the Millenium Celebration of 1999!

Please scroll down to click on the trip you'd like to view (and of course a kind reminder that our pages go through many changes, while one trip may be graphic heavy, another one may be kinder to your connection.. older pages are more likely to be graphic heavy).

please note we've started putting our newer Disney trip pix on Flikr photo hosting site.. so as of the December 2009 trip you'll find highlights & links.. and  the bulk of the images will be on flickr (most likely). All these icon boxes and tables are very labor  & time consuming.. not saying I won't make anymore.. just that flickr is easier & more immediate.

radp XIII: December 2008
(takes you to flickr collection!)

radp 12: OCTOBER 2007
(food & wine fest & other fun!)

radp 11: december 2006

TPA & WDW (takes you to flickr collection!)

radp X: dec 2005

celebrating 10 yrs.  of the radp "BIG MEET"
(it's still a work in progress! )

RADP 8 2003
"around the world in 8+ days"

RADP 007 2002
"the world is not enough"

radp vi 2001

radp v 2000

click here to see our radp4 page
radp iv 1999
(S&P's first radp meet)

0ther WDW trips:

honeymoon May 2001

valentine's day 2000
(S&P's weekend BGT/V-day visit to MK)

ft wilderness oct 1999
(radp mini  MK meet)

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