Sean & Pamela's

Very Merry & Not So Scary
Food & Wine Trip
(Day One)

sean outside the Pop Century entrance with mug
seanyoda outside the "Pop Century"  main building

06 October 2007, we arrive from MCO to Disney's Pop Century Resort. 

We have 2 weeks of fun ahead of us, so the first thing we do after checking in, is checking out our building, the foodcourt of course (getting our mugs) and then having a wonderful & unexpected dinner. Here we were expecting chicken fingers but Saturday proved otherwise.. We're getting ahead of ourselves here..

CHECK-IN: super nice cast member from Oklahoma. Said she'd not been to the food & wine booth for her homestate, but we had heard so many nice things about it.  Promised we'd check it out for her and never got back with her.. but yeah, Oklahoma at the 12 th Annual Food & Wine Fest at EPCOT was "whoo!" good! Thank you Oklahoma, I got the "whoo!!" stuck in my head.. 

First, the building.. Building 10 to be exact. Right next to the elevator and the housekeeping room..  Between the rolling carts, the elevators, the noise, the little girls on "wheelies" and the general hub-bub, it made for many early morning  wake-ups of flushing toilets and "ding ding ding!!*  and rolling carts from the housekeeping carts, the luggage carts, the pizza delivery truck, the grass getting mowed in the afternoon, and the constant foot traffic. The evenings had more of the same especially with the foot traffic and "wheelies" and kids not having anything better to do but play in the walkway..

But hey, that was few & far between as we were either away from the room, or sleeping most of the time. That's what's good about Value Resorts. Save money on the room, and you can spend more time & $$ at food & wine events, or better yet, other resorts eating really nice meals.   ; )

This was our 3rd time staying at Disney's Pop Century (I think) and I would definitely stay here again, just not, you know.. so close to the blinking  (or should I say *dinging!!!* elevator) SeanYoda didn't notice it so much but between that and the flushing I had an easy time getting awakened in the early hours.. (not to mentioned the muttered swearing of other guests attempting to flush the infamous Value Resort toilets).  

Tip for folks who've never stayed there: HOLD THE HANDLE DOWN!!!  ..and yes, it's supposed to go "FFFFWWWWWWOOOOSHHHH!!!" loud enough to wake the dead.  =) That' s normal. Also if you swear at the toilet after trying 3 times and wonder if anyone heard you. Yes, we did.   It's a concrete block of hotel rooms, everyone can hear it.

Otherwise, clean room, fun iconic stuff , lots of places to walk and get lost.. and lots of kid friendly pools and a HUGE store & food court.   Regarding the foodcourt, yes the floors always seem to be sticky.. and yes the counters are constantly being wiped up by CMs and other considerate folks cause the kids and folks that come through there make a mess with the soda fountains, and the rinsing sink. The frozen cokes don't always work, and regardless of whatever resort we've stayed at, the hot cocoa machine always is weak and not working half the time.. If it is working, be greatful. It might take 1 try or 3 tries but if it works for you don't complain.  There are some days the thing just doensn't do it's thing.  Oh, and make a CM's day by cleaning up your mess.  (I just put that in to be nice cause it seems they are always cleaning up after people).


OK.. enough where's the pix?? Here they are.. beginning with our room, and working our way out, it's the 70s:

70s theme poster in our room
big wheel facing the courtyard area
another guests halloween Tigger in Bldg 10
70s building from across the lake
photos of and around our building 10, including  another guests' decorations..

We opted for dinner at Everything Pop food court.  They made my order (the Greek salad) right in front of me. SeanYoda had to wait a little longer for them to prepare and bake his Chicken Mediterranean flatbread pizza. These were both winners, and we were very pleasantly surprised. With our meal we purchased new "Year of a Million Dreams" refillable mugs (which are now used at all of the resorts at WDW.) On our way back to the room much later that night, I took a shot of the 60s building with the fun yo yo stairwell icons.   ; P 

pop dinner
60s building on our way back

So... we're here... we've had dinner... what should we do?? We're not quite ready for EPCOT yet, so why not a couple rounds of golf.. at least that's what it ended up by the end of the night.. Meeko continued her streak of losing.. which is good because you wouldn't want the polar icecaps and the end of days occuring before we got to attend food & wine fest just once right??  (that's a joke!!).

Here's our WinterSummerland photos:
wintersummerland sign

snowy airstream
santa out front with his club
the sign out front says it all
summer side first!
honeybear seanyoda
surfs up!
just a flower
sand castles
goofy and donald
ribbon finish
time for the snow
magic picnic basket
smoking campfire
seanyoda is smokin!
cheers from mickey
santas stuck
mickey peeps out of the present
ecard to santa
santa says merry christmas!

after the game:


onward to day two
(EPCOT 25th Anniversary Gallery & more)

but first.. always remember:
always wash your paws!
this means your average WDW  guest too, one would hope!  =)


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