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Sunday,  the 7th, SeanYoda & Meeko plan to  venture to EPCOT to get a peek at the Food & Wine Festival, attend the Twinings Tea Seminar at Ariel's (Disney's Beach Club Resort) and then eventually head to Magic Kingdom for X-tra Magic Hours (which because it was the day before "Columbus Day" the park was open til 3am for resort guests!)

WOW! What a long day.. so let's get started early.. first Meeko puts in her contacts..  *rinse* rinse* ugh!! "SOAP IN MY EYE!! ack!" *claw claw* "Out out contact! Omigosh $@!!!!!$%% *bleep!*  "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

SeanYoda sez.. "whaa? whatsamatter??"

Meeko replies "no! !this can't happen!! I ripped my contact!! I can't wear just one.. this is horrible!! I have no replacement!!!"

Seriously.. considering spending the next 2weeks going around like John Cleese from an old Monty Python skit.. hand covering one eye.. but no, that won't work. So we try spending the day with glasses, while SeanYoda looks up  providers in the area and Meeko  attempts the day in the Florida sunlight, "squinty-eyed meeko" *sigh*.. 

You may ask yourself.. Is this whole contact thing important?? Well, yes..  Sean & I spent 3 days of the trip going back and forth to the eyecare place in Celebration, outside WDW.. (thank you Celebration Eye Care!!! I will not forget you!!) SeanYoda was so good to take me & the folks at Celebration were so kind to find an opening for me.. me, a tourist! I'm telling you I feel lucky.

Yeah, I know.. Who goes to WDW without backup contacts?? Well, obviously, me for one.  *insert dumb comments here*

*insert disclaimer about how some of the photos might be big and slow down your modem if you're using one of those*


Enough of that.. breakfast!! 

pop waffle
seanyoda veggie frittata
S&P wait for the bus

breakfast at the  Everything Pop! food court was waffle meal (with bacon & sausage) and a very large veggie fritata meal (with side of bacon) split between the two of us, and of course our new refillable mugs from last night.  Very full & happy, (wow that was a GOOD fritata! who knew foodcourt stuff could taste like that?) We donned our hats and sunscreen and headed to the bus stop..


Ok,  you may have seen commercials for "year of a million dreams" or something like that.. Well nevermind that, EPCOT celebrated its 25th anniversary on the 1st of October, 2007. You'd think there'd be a big year -long celebration right?? WRONG. They had a one day event for commemorating the event and then put together this really nice gallery for the rest of us to enjoy til the end of this year.. but wait, you didn't get to go to WDW for the 1st of October either?? Good thing SeanYoda took all these pix and then Meeko edited them so you too, can look at the exhibits.. it's not the same as being there.. but then maybe you were there and you missed it anyway?? It was sort of out of the way..  We sort of stumbled apon it going to CLUB COOL (ice station cool) .

hurray! figment!
(psst! hey Disney: this would have made a nice t-shirt design for the rest of us..)

but first, let's set the stage.. It's EPCOT! 

fountains and sky
more fountain and clouds
staying cool at club cool

while not a film, these shots were taken just as the big fountain outside the (former) Fountainview cafe were dancing and shooting off its huge water canons into the air. Not exactly the Belagio, but pretty darn good by Disney standards, this was the first time in many years we've seen them without holiday music. *sniffle*   Last shot is of SeanYoda, "mr cool" hanging out as we were about to head into CLUB COOL for some Americanized "mezzo mix" (meeko's fave) and "smart watermelon" (but NOT the "Beverly"!).

Freshened up, and ready to enjoy the EPCOT 25th Anniversary Gallery? Let's begin, with Walt.. EPCOT was definitely a WWWD? era.. so let's start with the original "man behind the mouse".. and a dream:

walt says you must be this tall..
meeko w food and wine booklet (oct 7th)
first of many figment funfacts!
original style map of epcot
germany funfact germany pavilion Japan fun fact Japan Pavilion display
American Pavilion fun fact American Adventure maquettes from American Adventure
China fun fact about red
morocco! morocco in pictures france fun fact UK fun fact
trolls in norway fun fact Norway info mexico mexico images
Canada fun fact! Canada pavilion images canda diarama Canada potlatch and totem
Italy fun fact Italy Pavilion images the land  fun fact
Liiving with the land that we all love..
FIGMENT FUN FACT by FIGMENT! imagination! figment maquette 2 figment maquette
Living Seas Living Seas images Universe of Energy fact universe of energy images
horizons fun fact horizons info horizons future world of motion
female CM costume CM costumes CM buttons and pins attraction sponser pins
spaceship earth fun fact spaceship earth images model of spaceship earth epcot featured items
figment collectible merch more figment figment stuff epcot stuff
cast news on epcot park album world showcase souvenir tray orlando magazines lended by private collection

Next we rode "Imagination" and visited the cool game room on the other side, and of course visited with FIGMENT!!! Huray!

figment everywhere
in the queue it's figment popping in
sean making music S&P visit figment another photo of us with figment

We had fun trying to take photos of Figment as he popped in & out of his attraction queue, then afterwards we checked out some of the fun "imganation" games of sight and sound. Here, SeanYoda stomps on pictures that make sounds.. a cow goes "moo!" the lighthouse photo makes a "foghorn" sound, etc.. Then after sending off a fun postcard (which we need to find on Sean's email maybe?) to a couple folks, we visited the special meet & greet with Figment!  Oy! does Meeko look like she needs a hairstylist.. bleh! the heat was awful for us!  (we really are used to making the trip in Decmeber).


WOW! we have so much more to share with you for today.. we're heading to World Showcase for some Food & WIne Preview, and then back to the resort to freshen up & then drive over to Disney's Beach Club Resort for the Twining's Tea Seminar (3-5pm perfect time for a tea sampling!) and then off again to the Magic Kingdom for some X-tra Magic Hours!!

Be sure and come back to see PART II  of Day 2 (Day One was arrival day.. ):

seanyoda in front of Remy's display
SeanYoda looks like he needs a break too..

food & wine/ twinings/ magic kingdom pix! =)


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