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Sunday,  the 7th, SeanYoda & Meeko venture to EPCOT to get a peek at the Food & Wine Festival, attend the Twinings Tea Seminar at Ariel's (Disney's Beach Club Resort) and then eventually head to Magic Kingdom for X-tra Magic Hours (which because it was the day before "Columbus Day" the park was open til 3am for resort guests!)

Having left off in our last part after the Epcot 25th anniversary gallery & meet & greet with Figment.. we head over to World Showcase for a little something something to eat. The Twinings Tea with Stephen Twining isn't til 3pm so we have a couple more hours before we need to head back, clean up and change for that.. so we see what we find at Food & Wine Festival.  =)

We visited Mexico, Argentina, and Chile as well as ride the new "Grand Fiesta Tour" and "Oh! Canada" with Martain Short.  Mexico had a cheesy "chorizo quessadilla" which we didn't get a shot of. Suffice to say we thought it was more heavy on the cheese than the chorizo. They had an agua fresca we found we liked, but we didn't get a shot of that on this day either. Instead we bring you "teh win" and the "teh also ran".. Chile. The booth in Chile had an 'ensalada' with fruit and cilantro. Sample size was just that, so we had to be quick to get a photo of it. Also it wasn't that exciting. Argentina was good.  Very good.  =)

mercado amigos Argentina for the win! chile
grand fiesta beef empenada and the chimichuri with rice ensalada
Food & Wine Fest round one: Mexico, Argentina, and Chile..  Our favorite of the three for today was Argentina! =)

We were running out of time, so we headed toward the exit of Epcot, but first a couple photos of the bright & shiny Spaceship Earth (under "rehab" while Seimens the new sponser got it ready for us in 2008. There's really cute displays with Ratatouille's Remy & Emile being the "face" of the 12th International Food & Wine Fest.  Unfortunately, Disney merchandising didn't have enough or varied merchandise available for us Remy fans.. so the cut outs were all we really were treated to. (they did have their 'regular' F&WF merchandise but other than the cookbooks it was rather ordinary,like the program booklets).  Adults like Remy.. just something to keep in mind next year maybe??  (IMHO of course). ;P

Remy Remy! the face of the food & wine fest spaceship earth meeko and the green the real picture

Above, the cut outs of Pixar's "Ratatouille" chef Remy & his not too picky relative, Emile. The photopass folks are waiting for you at the fountains (I think we got our photo done that day.. maybe) Meeko says "take my picture!! I'm here too!" and SeanYoda takes the photo he was meaning to take.. Spaceship Earth with the "25th anniversary" keep off the manicured grass thing-y. (it's kind of small but it does say "25th anniversary").   Just in case, I cropped it and stuck it here:

the sign

there you go!  =P


After making a run back to the room to shower & change (this became a habit btw, it being freaky hot & humid, we'd be back in the room most days in the afternoon to shower again. It was just sticky/ gross most days. We didn't exactly expect it to be so tiring in October, but it was.

Disney's  Beach Club Resort
the very subtle (and hard to edit) Beach Club Resort sign..

We got to the Beach Club Resort with about 10 minutes to spare.  SeanYoda found a place to park that wasn't a mile out from the entrance and the CMs there were very helpful in pointing the way to where Ariel's (the former restaurant turned special events dining location) was located. One of the things we rather wish is that places that are used frequently for special events were still easy to find in our guidebook, even if the location is only used three times a year.  Just an idea.  =)

We waited in a mostly empty lounge area with other folks. The Twining Tea seminar was the last one of its kind for this year's food & wine fest. Stephen Twining did a handful of these per year, and so we felt pretty lucky to get in. It would be an interesting, informative and fun two hours.  Sean took the following photos for the most part, as Meeko couldn't see the powerpoint presentation, but did take some good notes.  =)

After the presentation,  we were sat in another area of the restaurant to be served afternoon tea. We liked the Earl Grey very much! Also the sandwiches and scone was wonderful.  We ended the afternoon with everyone who wanted one asking for Stephen Twinings to please sign our program.  He obliged! =)

meeko in the lounge
twinings tea samplings
pretty fixtures
powerpoint presentation
tea first brewed emporer slide
major growing regions
tea leaf
Stephen Twinings explains about the top two buds of the tea leaf
picking the leaves
explaining color and texture etc
discussing taste and texture of samples
processes for types of tea
meeko and the tea menu
closeup of the cover
inside menu
tea sandwiches
scone with preserves and clotted cream
autograph please!


After tea, we headed out yet again for our room at Pop Century to rest and change back into our more comfy tourist clothes. Eventually we decided rather than staying in, we'd go to Magic Kingdom where they were having some seriously insane "Extra Magic Hours." To explain, the extra magic hours means that the park in question will be open (for the evening hours) an additional three hours for the resort guests (those staying in Disney Resort Properties) after close. The one for the evening of the 7th was the Magic Kingdom. The hours for close that night was midnight because the following day was a holiday, Columbus Day. So.. the "Xtra Magic Hours" were.. 3am.

We have lots of fun photos to share from our seemingly endless evening.. we had dinner at Columbia Harbor House, caught Spectromagic Parade coming and going, as well rode several attractions and got to experience the Monsters Inc. "Laugh Floor" attraction for the first time since we got to preview it in December 2006 before its official opening. 

We got to the park and had to go all the way and double back to get to Columbia Harbor House for dinner. We cut through Casey's Corner and then all the way through and back and had a great & healthy meal.  =)

Casey's Corner at WDW Magic Kingdom
seanyoda and the mug
Spectromagic on our way to Liberty Square
peacock spectromagic
columbia bin our dinner soup and sandwich combo

SeanYoda and Meeko ordered the soup and sandwich combos. Meeko got the vegetarian chili with hummus sandwich. SeanYoda got the ham and cheese with clam chowder soup. The soup alone was a LARGE portion (compare a 'cup' vs. a 'bowl' one might get elsewhere, these were defnitely 'bowl' sized) Both sandwiches came with a coleslaw type salad in them. Very tasty.  Also despite it being very warm that evening the soups were hearty and filling. We split a bottle of  "Atlanta tap water" (the Dasani (coke brand) bottled water).

But wait there's more.. 

ODV glow cart parade
scary trumpets
side view
balls of light mickey
wdw presents spectromagic metronome metronome II lights
genie and the float chip and dale reflections of chipmunks goofy fish
ariel ariel waves
king triton

fantasia fantasia pegasus chernabog

next the "wishes" fireworks..

castle with partners sean over photoshopped hey it's carol!

We took a LOT of fireworks photos and a lot more of Spectromagic but not many of them turned out that was worth posting, so there are a few here just the same.  =)

We got to ride several attractions, and rather than taking lots of photos of the 'same thing' Meeko instead opted to take (usually) just one photo to represent all the attractions we were able to ride this particular night. There's several of the "Laugh Floor" but SeanYoda took those.

main street railroad mk entrance
carousel of progress
sean on TTA
buzz lightyear
snow white scary meeko
HM Leota

we didn't get to ride space so we went to the laugh floor
space mtn fastpass and sean laugh floor scare door repetitive scare injury
"osha" same ol' vending machine efficient laugh capture critics board notes from critics

We had a fastpass time for 1something like 1240-0140 and the ride went down, so we headed instead to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. The attraction went a bit smoother than the last time we got to test it out (December 2006 they were testing it out on folks) and despite knowing how it worked, (and SeanYoda getting picked for some easy joke line) I still felt bad for whoever got to be "that guy."  Cause unless you have a good sense of humor and don't mind being singled out, you don't want to be "that guy" (although I think they give you a button or something). Being a good sport sometimes has its rewards. I just don't know what they are for this one as of yet.

Last photos of the night:

yes that's the time
sean posting to LP live! with meeko's mobile

Above are a couple of the special Halloween jack o'lanterns at the MK hub. Meeko had spent much of the evening after riding the teacups rather ill, so she headed to the bakery to get some croissants to eat. SeanYoda had met up with some friendly CMs, then we started to head out of the park, noticed the time, Sean wanted to get a picture of the clock. He posted a photo to LP Live! (that's and then Meeko distracted him while trying to both take his photo and head out before we were kicked out for staying too long. ;P Notice in the last photo SeanYoda has 2 celphones (one is his and the other is Meeko's) He lost his around where this photo was taken on the way out of the park. Luckily while looking for it and being scolded for making him lose his phone, Meeko's cel rang. It was a VERY nice guest it turns out in the end that found the phone and called the last person who called Sean. That would be: ME!   Thank you whoever you are!! (we never got a name and Sean tried but the guest was running late for their own Wilderness Lodge ferry).  Thank you!!

Lessons I learned from this night: Meeko is too old to do 3am nights on Sundays. I still can't see in the dark and especially not with glasses on.  SeanYoda gets cranky really quick when provoked (ie: losing his cel phone when he's not paying attention).  Meeko doesn't like spinning on the teacups so much anymore as I used to. At least, not THAT fast.  =)

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