Sean & Pamela's
Very Merry & Not So Scary
Food & Wine Trip
(Day Three)

Monday, 08 October 2007, we call & made a plea for an eye appt. at Celebration Eye Care. They have an opening!! Meeko's appt is about 2pm so we head out a little late and eat a lunch first at Downtown Disney (needed some cash anyway).  ;P 

It's a friends bday so we head to Raglan Road. They're open for lunch! SeanYoda & Meeko order a beer.. Guinness for Sean & a Cider for Meeko (sorry!), we even asked the server if he'd take our photo toasting our friend, which he obliged. Lunch was good, and since it was a special occasion (and we were on vacation after all!) Meeko forgave herself for drinking before five pm. (one might think it was a bad day otherwise).  We switched to soda or something after that.. (or was it water?)

OK.. enough!! Here's lunch:

raglan road
gift shop exterior
beer here!
toasting eilis
'colpachino' mushroom soup pork loin sandwich with chutney and chips seanyoda salmon interrior restaurant ceiling
FAQ menu page dining area giftshop interior 2
bar area bar outisde bar close up of taps

Excerpt from Meeko's Trip Report:


BEFORE the eye exam we went to Partners/ Vista to get some cash from the ATM (I spent my last $2 on the housekeeping tip). We went to lunch at Raglan Road. Sean & I haven't been there since we had dinner with local friends Kristy and Kevin, and  "foxmagic"  (aka Brian) before we went to see Narnia with our buddies Lisa & Paragon. =)

Today we toasted Eilis's  bday with Guinness and in my case, Cider. =)

FOOD:   we ordered the "colpachinno mushroom soup" and Sean had the salmon with mashed potatoes. Me, I ordered the pork loin sandwich stuffed with Dublin cheese and a side of chutney and chips. I had to ask for the Malt for the chips though. They don't keep it on the table. They don't keep ketchup on the table there either but he brought it out with my lunch. =P Sean helped me eat my fries and put the Malt on it for me. Not too soggy!! LOL ;)

After the aforementioned eye exam in CELEBRATION, Sean & I had just enough time to go back to the room, put my stuff away and put my contacts back on despite having "Squirrel-O-Vision" (think that cute Lemur in Madagascar except I'm not cute.. I'm old and cranky and blind). LOL

After lunch it's off to Celebration.. by the end of the trip we'd have made 3 trips here, and Meeko started wondering about the real estate market here again. Silly Meeko!  SeanYoda took some of the following photos while waiting for Meeko to get her eyes examed:

the watertower
starbucks coffee
english tea

Meeko had her pupils dialated so it was a good opportunity to go back to the resort for a tiny bit before heading to dinner. We had made reservations at Animal Kingdom Lodge's Boma a few weeks back and we had just enough to time to freshen up before heading over. Luckily the light was such that a person with "squirrel-o-vision" would be able to eat dinner without to much light bothering them.  =)

cart at pop
pop cart
outside "Everything Pop"  where we got our mugs refilled

We love eating at Boma. We try to get here at least once for dinner on each trip. The usual "boma coma" meet is on Friday during the holiday meets but since we were here in October as well would be attending the "South African Wine Adventure" later in the week, we went ahead and made seperate ressies to come here on our own.  Boma always has a really good selection of food including a lot of vegetarian options. There's also plenty of meat and "kid friendly" options. We don't come to Boma to eat the mac n cheese and Mickey Chicken Nuggets but if that's your thing, they have them. Here's the photos from our meal (when we remembered to take them).

sean doing the look
mmm salads
dinner.. bbq pork loin w/ chimichuri sauce
more dinner (seanyoda's plate)
sean dinner pt 2
desserts zebra dome and other yummy stuff
dinner at Boma (mmm. everything was good!!)

After dinner we had some time to walk around and digest our food. We walked  around the savanas, took in the storytelling at Arusha Firepit, and then  took in one of the cultural experiences, this one on Botswana with one of the many Cast Members visiting on Disney's International program.

flamingoes at night
over photoshopped giraffe and zebra
arusha firepit storytelling
CM Annah from Botswanna discusses her experiences
cards and map
lion (they have these in zuwadi marketplace too)

Here's another excerpt from Meeko's Trip Report (posted in her LJ):

Ok so Boma dinner was omg! good.. and we filled ourselves pretty well (understatement!) They now have check-in for the Boma just inside the lobby doors, next to Bell Services desk (for dinner!). SMART! Not so much of the people congregating downstairs by the host desk. =) BOMA deserves a trip report unto itself, so I'll wait on that. I did have 2 Zebra Domes and some other yummy desserts, besides the delicious Tamerind BBQ pork loin. Sean & I agree, the pork loin was made of the WIN! The best item of the night. OMG. *drool*

Afterwards we walked around a little checked out the changes at the Mara, took in some of the animals, including a lot of the Ancoli Cattle and zebra and giraffe. Also attended the storytime at the Arusha Firepit, the Zawadi Marketplace, then later the Cultural Seminar in the Sunset View Lounge. Annah from Botswana was pretty cool.

So tomorrow is some Epcot time and then we'll monorail over to MK for our dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. That's all I got for now.. Sean will surely post if he hasn't fallen completely asleep. The Disney schedule channel music may have him put to sleep as easily as it did me last night/ this morning!!

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Tuesday 09 October 2007
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