Sean & Pamela's
Very Merry & Not So Scary

(Day Five)

10 October 2007: Wednesday we headed to Epcot to check out the Food & WIne fest. This was our last full day before any meets and the like. Se we did a slow nosh around the world and eventually ended up over at Japan where indeed, they were taking walk-ups still for Teppen Edo & Tokyo Dining, the new sit down options at the former "Tepenyaki" restaurant.

canada booth salmon w arugala maple syrup custard cheese soup canada peru crabmeat and duck sean in peru
cooking demo area
dominican republic
hand crafting
passion fruit daquiri

festival guide
taste of spain norway
norway kringla bakery
sharing a cinnemon roll
sean and the giant troll
mushu meet n greet
water gardens
lotus II
light and walkway gardens bridge
near mexico the drawbridge is up
letting the illuminations globe through
oh pickle tree
pickle finding
the other breakable tree
plates on a wall
not cal
faux italian
after the beer
drum and fife
patriotic stuff
getting the kids to recite pledge of allegience


  • -back to EPCOT via MGM (no cinnemon rolls at MGM.. but)
  • -visited the Dominican Republic for some really yummy alcohalic smoothies (passion fruit!) and they let us try a sample before deciding. No one else was doing that!
  • -visited Spain (OMG YUM!)
  • -walked EPCOT window-shopped, visited Norway instead for cinnamon roll goodness and Sean also bought water. The weirdly nice thing is that we were ok with the water, but Sean had ordered Diet Coke originally and they were out, but one of the CMs brought out a LARGE diet coke from who knows where anyway!!! OMG She totally didn't have to do that, but that was cool. =)
  • -We also went to Peru where we had the crabmeat salad on potato mash something (it tasted like corn bread sort of) I tried the crab but it was too crabby for me; Sean also got a thing of the duck w/ rice& peas and I tried that despite not liking duck, it was good. =)
  • -did we forget to mention the Samual Adams beer tasting seminar??

one of the epcot queue posts
family of beers
filled every time
beer tasting and a bottle opener
tasting info
more beer here beer listings readable text
readable text bottom
bottles are best when draft not available
beer here!

over in the America Pavillion
our bathroom breaks had a sponser!  ;P

Here's the many images SeanYoda took of our meal at Teppen Edo:

head chef getting feedback out front
waiting area by check in desk; facing Tokyo Dining
former matsunoya; tokyo dining's sushi bar
the ever changing lcd screen in tokyo dining
Tokyo Dining sushi chefs
the hall to our left is Teppen Edo
our table is ready
making 'training wheels' for a young guest
our edamame and miso soups
our edamame to share
miso soup
iced green tea
pouring out the sauces
seared beef sushi  rolls.. good!
veggies and noodles
making volcano
mickey volcano for the kids
volcano steams
seasoning up the food
noodles and veggies all ready
bringing out the meat

You can read SeanYoda's review he posted on the "WDW Community"

The following images were merch we saw at Mitsukoshi that we really liked (or  wished we could have purchased for someone) as it was we left empty-pawed:

for each month
fun stuff not for purchase kingdom hearts thought chris would like this it's 2k icat 4 me; i-cy for you
speed racer go!
batz and chococat
more kingdom hearts
kingdom hearts
stuff janet likes

this last one was at "mouse gear"
 this one for chris
(maybe it was just a long day, but.. it seemed a little short)

oklahoma rose rock diner
dominican republic dancing
more dancing (we don't know these people)
spaceship earth at night
dessert @ roserock diner, then watching the band and dancers over in Dom. Republic;
last is Spaceship Earth w/ lots of photopass action!

(work in progress)
11 OCTOBER 2007
"Tokyo DIning" lunch & SPVMNSSHP!

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