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11 October 2007  we decided we wanted to go back to Epcot and try getting a walk-in at Tokyo Dining for lunch.  The plan: bus to Epcot then return to the resort in time to freshen up and head to Magic Kingdom for the MICKEY'S NOT SO SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY (and radp meet in the rose garden!)

display in someone else's window at POP
sean taking calls on vacation

We are always coming across super cute window displays at the various resorts. The above image is of one of our neighbor's window.  Sean thought it was cute enough to snap a quick photo of on our way to the bus queue. Mickey is in a hammock made from the curtain liner.  =)  The other photo is of Sean as we are leaving the Pop Century Resort, having received a phone call from a client or co-worker (not sure which).  Yes, he's on vacation.  =)  He did update his voicemail but whatchagonna do?? People call.

Once we got to Epcot we made a beeline for Japan, or so it seems (we don't have any other photos to prove we did anything else). So that's our story and because we had  such a good time, we wanted to be sure and  post our lunchtime images. Most of the photos were taken by SeanYoda (unless he's in them than Meeko took them).  

I hope you brought along an appetite, (or hopefully you ate already becuase if these photos don't make you hungry I don't know what will).  Just remember the portions are HUGE.  The food was wonderful, the service amazing, the atmosphere a little more relaxed but still very courteous.. ENJOY!

tokyo dining menu
appetizers trifold menu
sushi menu
sushi pages
sushi menu page 2
window with a view drink menu non alcohalic drinks sake and cocktails sean's tempura tofu salad with ginger dressing
tokyo dining sushi bar screen sean ordered a bento box
salad, tuna, pork fritter,rice, and beef
meeko ordered the chicken  (it's HUGE)
green tea pudding (it was like a flan)
yes, we were stuffed!

As you can see above, the servings were indeed HUGE. We're not sure if that's standard but we defnitely could have shared the bento or the katsu (actually we did share the tofu salad and the katsu and the flan). Meeko ordered the tofu salad not expecting it to be something like an entree sized salad with a full block of tofu. It was delicious but defnitely much too much food. The bento servings looked good and the sushi very fresh. SeanYoda enjoyed his meal immensely. Meeko ordered the chicken which included what seemed like a 2person meal of breaded cutlet, a mini hill of mashed potatoes, steamed ocra, asparagus,  and sauce. The ocra was surprisingly good (Meeko's only had ocra in a  gumbo which wasn't as good as steaming it). 

We somehow got convinced to look at the menu one last time to decide that hey, you only live once (at least this go round) so we ordered the green tea pudding, which was served in the style of a flan. It was sweet and mild and very soothingly delicious. A very nice cap to a VERY filling lunch.

Don't say you weren't warned.  Unless they change the menu considerabely, you defnitely want to come try Tokyo Dining. The food, the atmosphere, the food.. did I mention the food?? Oh, and eventually we got used to all the bowing.  It was the apologizing that was a little much, but we understand..  (our server would be very prompt yet start each interaction with "so sorry for the inconvenience.." uh, she took what seemed  like a half minute to come back with our drinks.. )  It was rather amusing but appreciated. Where else in WDW do you get that much politeness?  I mean THAT MUCH politeness.    =)

We'll be back, both sides of Mitsukoshi's new sponsered restaurants were wonderful.


streetmosphere storytelling
storytelling 2
storytelling 3

After lunch we were just in time to see the last half of the storytelling in Japan. We stayed for a bit before heading back to our resort room at Pop Century.  We wanted to clean up and change a bit before heading out to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

pirate flag
Some trusting guests hung a pirate flag from the railing of their building..


happy halloween
on your way out of Magic Kingdom.. but we just got here!  =)

Once inside the Magic Kingdom with our wrist bands on, there was so much to see! Decorations everywhere and characters of all sorts, not just the usual walk around. Signs of Welcome and farewell were seen near the entrances / exit to Main Street as the 'regular' park guests were starting to head out and the Halloween party-goers were just arriving.

mnsshp sign

Below are some of the photos we took on main street... The Magic Kingdom goes all out for Halloween, it was just beautiful. We watched the castle show where Mickey helps show using your imagination can win against the forces of.. hey.. oh well! but it was a neat show! and it ended with day time pyro!  =) whoo hoo! no silly confetti here.. oh and the castle and Mickey and Minnie looked just wonderful!   =)

main street decorations thanks b'bye jiminy cricket mice day pyro
minnie 2 minnie castle
mickey wins

We were ready to see about Trick or Treating!  There were Trick R Treat Trails and dance parties, and fireworks and parades.. I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves! There's a lot to see and do.. so how about a page dedicated to the evenings events?? 

11 October MNSSHP

Or if you want to skip the festivities and move on to Friday's adventure in Animal Kingdom, our first full day of RADP meets and attractions, (not to mention the South African Wine Adventure at Epcot) then you'd want to see the pix at the following link:

12 October 2007



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