Sean & Pamela's

Very Merry & Not So Scary
Food & Wine Trip
(day 14)

arriving at AKL in the rain

20 October: "getaway day" we start the morning early to have our  departure day tradition, breakfast at Animal Kingdom Lodge's  Boma! Who better to spend a wonderful breakfast with than Bruce & Marta! An added plus was getting to spend some extra time and breakfast with Carol, (scoutmom).

It was a good time to head out, the weather had turned wet on us, and was cooling down considerable from our past 2 weeks of sunny, hot and humid. Despite the needed rain, it didn't make for safe driving, but we eventually all got there and in one piece! 

Breakfast was as delicious as I remember it from last year (and the years before) but this time I remembered to take photos (except I forgot to get pix of us eating!!) We ordered the Kenyan AA and the yummy 'magic juice'  which I found out was actually called "FRUNCH"   *grin* We still like calling it magic juice. It is good!!!  =)  Carol eventually joined us (the wet weather had delayed her leaving ft. wilderness to AKL).  She enjoys the "frunch" too (which is how I found out what it was called).

Boma has a lot of delicious items on the breakfast buffet including made to order omelets and roasted meats (this morning in particular they had turkey and ham) They also have oatmeal, cereals, fruits, french toast, bacon, sausages, and various other breakfast dishes. Some of these are infused with spices such as saffran or curry. There's plenty for the adventurous and not so adventurous.  Meeko & SeanYoda are those sort of people that are the more adventurous.. and like the curry and spices. The following are photos of Meeko's breakfast:

coffee and juice
sean's fruit
sticky bun
juice, coffee, assorted fruit (and a french toast wedge), bacon, potatoes, pap, bobatie, and curried egg & biscuit (minus biscuit)
and sticky bun and cinnemon roll for an ender.  =)


After breakfast, we all headed out to walk around the savanas and check out the animals. It was feeding time so a lot of them were back inside their barns and only the birds seemed to rule most of the different savannas.  Still we had some interesting experiences and got to see a few giraffes, some Ankoli cattle, some antelope and a LOT of pelicans and flamingoes.  =)

Bruce & Marta even showed us where the new AKL Villas were going up.. (they'll be for the DVC resort at AKL).  Here's many of the photos we took from our wanderings around the Animal Kingdom Lodge property:

the gang heading toward the pool and flamingoes property map palm fronds
plants macro'd
hakuna matata for guests only
lonley bench
flamingoes at the ready
waterbuffalo waterbuffalo feeding off grain flowers on rocks
flamingoes feeding time giraffe grazing recycling more macroed flowers
explaining the contruction sequestered mother giraffes in stone Lion painted wall  =) more macro testing
Lodge map inside golden floor seal golden floor seal II golden floor seal II golden floor seal IV
restrooms and telephone baskets ladies lioness mens (lions!)
watch out for poachers on exit

Some of the above images are redundant (yes, we've taken pix of the floor before and the bathroom, but this time we have a newer camera that does low light shots better, as well as a better zoom and so forth).  Sean made sure to get all the large golden floor seals as we are usually visiting in December, there's a big tree covering at least one of the floor seals.  =)

BIG Thanks again to Bruce & Marta  and to Carol for taking the time to brave the weather and join us for breakfast on our last morning at the World. Looking forward to seeing you again, here or there!  =)  *big hugs*


We ended up making one last SUPER quick stop to EPCOT where we needed to pick up some items for friends back home.  Meeko got these two shots of the monorail in front of the now pristine Spaceship Earth.. the way it was meant to be, with no wands and other hokey sparkly junk:

epcot spaceship earth
year of a million dreams advert on monorail

So finally we are on our way out of the World and heading to MCO (Orlando International) as our vacation was over. We still needed gas though and vacation isn't over as long as we are still traveling, so in the spirit of prolonging the trip, Meeko took these pix from the car on our way off property and to the airport:

mickey earful tower of terror buckle up! pj's coffee and wine bar
celebration sign shamu plane swa at mco

Passing the "Earful Tower & the "Tower of Terror"  multi-dimentional ad, as well Meeko's fave sign the "buckle up" billboard. We needed gas, so we stopped near Celebration one last time, as well checked out the watertower plaza (strip mall of sorts) where the famous Chick-fil-A, as well a vet clinic, a UPS store, and a PJs Coffee & Wine bar (PJ's coffee is local chain in New Orleans so was a bit surprised to see a 'coffee & wine bar' version) The last photo is on our way into the airport, one of the only two "Shamu" planes was taxiing out to the runway.   =) (the other "Shamu" plane would be a San Diego one).  


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