Adventurer's Club
saturday 4 Dec,1999

   Saturday night after the Illuminations Boat Cruise, Sean & I made our way over to the Adventurer's Club to check on the festivities that were already in progress.  The AC meet for that night started at nine o'clock, so it was well into it by the time Sean & I got there around 10pm.


here is Lisa (TDC Ping) feeling her Kungaloosh!


 Some Radpers having a good time in the Mask Room!! Ronnie, PamK,and
the Mighty Paragon with Julian. (thanks for the help guys!)


Here's my Sean enjoying a little of the local flavor!  Kungaloosh!!


Fun in the Library ! It's Caberet time!
Dancing & singing & public humiliation!!!

Cabaret time.. now it's the husband's turn!
What's AIR  PUMP he brings on vacation with him?
"For balloon animals,"  he says.

A  very  grainy  Hathaway  Browne  singing  his  song....
"The  Shiek  of  Arabie"
( all together now!!  "WITH   NO   PANTS   ON!!" )


    Fun was had by all...but it ended too soon!!   Sean had a good time at his first AC evening and I think we will be going again at least once or twice next year!!!

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