Day One: Animal Kingdom
December 2, 1999
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here's my honey by the Camp Minnie Mickey sign
(we wore matching Tarzan tshirts, btw!)

Festival of the Lion King (here Timon is interacting with the monkeys)

Timon & Pumbaa (who is sort of stuck on the recycled float) on the left sing along with the human performers.

Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends!  (she really does have lots of critter  friends, but I  *had* to get Meeko!) Here Grandmother Willow is helping Pocahontas to see what evan a mischievous raccoon, such as Meeko, has something to contribute to what humans may learn from the animal world.

Greetings Meeko! Meeko stands to 'speak' to Pocahontas about courage and curiousity. (I am just guessing, as I was too enamoured of the cute fella to notice what he was 'saying')

    Well, that's it for my Animal Kingdom photos.  That's not the end of our day, though!  We headed back to take our things into our hotel room at ASMu, and then off to the Magic Kingdom for our dinner reservations at Crystal Palace and  MVMCP!

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