Day One: Animal Kingdom
Dec 2nd 1999


Sean at the gate!
(to the left, you can see the red arrow pointing out
the bioscanner  for the AP holders)

while at the "Oasis" walking toward the Tree of Life (thats the big one!)

Tree of Life!

 Onward we go!  It's Tough to be a Bug! is about to start!! It's straight ahead.. around the winding path...and in the tree!

one really nice poster inside the theatre....

    and another one I really liked!

Ok.. after experiencing "Its Tough to be a Bug" (sorry no flash photography!) we got a fastpass for the safari, then took the train over to Conservation Station.  (That's where they have the behind the scenes look at the care of the park animals, the "nursery," the petting zoo, Grandmother Willow's Sounds of the Rainforest & a bunch of other things!

here is Sean & myself on the train to Conservation Station!  (Self-portrait by Sean)

Once we got to Conservation Station, we walked the long winding path past all the nice CMs who stood by ready for questions about the different little stations they set up along the way.  (I think the only question I had was "Sean, can we have a bird feeder at your apartment??")  Finally we were there, and we walked around, taking everything in.  One of the first things we did, was visit Grandmother Willow. Unlike my previous visit in May 98, there was no huge line, and we got in booth #8.

After that, we checked out the nursury and the operating room that they use to do the annual checkups. That morning they were giving a physical to a little bird that resembled one of Zazu's relatives.  =)

We walked on..and who did we run into?????  MEEKO!! Meeko was pretty taken with all the pins I had.. I was wearing the two GoH badges Sean had given me.  "TDCMeeko" that he gave me in August at Disneyland, and my "SMEEKO" badge he gave me for Christmas just the day before! I also wore one of my Meeko buttons, and finally my Meeko watch (but I don't think he saw that). So I got my photo with him...and we got to do Sounds of the Rainforest with him!!

When Meeko saw all my badges & buttons he got really excited and of course I was really thrilled to see him, and I said "yes I just love you Meeko! You're the best!"  Well he took me over to show his character greeter CM and 'whispered' that he wanted to do Sounds of the Rainforest with me.  So when the greeter asked, of course I said "YES!!" and the three of us headed off, hand in hand, to what would be booth #1.  WOW!  Thanks Meeko!!!!! It was the coolest!

                                                      Here I am with Meeko!

Meeko!! Meeko!!

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