back at the apartment....
Sarasota, FL.
monday december 6, 1999

here's sean at my desk!!! Hmmm... whats that photo??
Is that a copy of the epcot postcard photo???

        Well we got back to the apartment pretty late, after shopping downtown disney for a while.  Monday was a sad morning but Sean & I managed to have a little fun. I checked my email & got the postcard from Epcot Innoventions... I found a nifty place for Ronnie's Meeko that she gave me Sunday at the ASMu Mini Meet.  =)

Sean with the my tree in the background.
(doesn't he look good in that shirt??)


        Yes, those are my Disney beans under the tree.. Let's see, you can see Pumbaa, then Little Brother, and Iago, and kind of you can see the Beast... he's the brown spot on the far right under the tree...(next to the Percy salt shaker) and on the far right is Kahn!

        Just the other day I got matching Mushu's in the mail.. "Sound Mushu" and regular "Mushu".. cute cute!!  NO I am not a collector!!! (Although I could use a Crickee to round it all out!)

    However.. also under the tree is Broadway Lion King Simba & Nala, Gurgi,  and of course Biscuit Meeko's special friend.. Brer Bunny.. (er.. most known as Brer Rabbit, that is!) which I got at Disneyland in August!

Sean is trying to "optimize" my scanning abilities....


        Right after I took these pictures, the film decided to rewind on itself, so I didn't get a picture of us together in front of the apartment. sigh..  Well, maybe Sean might actually sneak away in January/February and stop by for a couple days..

        Otherwise, the next photos of us you will see (that is, not from the December trip) will be in March when I will fly out to see him, and settle down to "tranquil domesticity" (as opposed to "shacking up" as my store manager calls it! <g> whichever you prefer....)

        Next trip might very well be Disneyland.  Although, I would like to get back to the park at least one more time.  Pin trader, that I am, my fingers are itching to make a good trade!  Ahhh.. next December! Patience!  By then, I should have a new set of things to work with.  I love the pins I got for my trades, so they won't be going anywhere out of the house!