Day 3: ASMu Mini Meet
December 5, 1999

ASMu Mini Meet attendees enjoying breakfast.

from another angle.. sure is dark outside!!   =)

Lisa (TDC Ping) as my new pal cardboard cutout Meeko
gets in on the photo action.


        ASMu Mini meet was lots of fun!  I wasn't too awake, but thanks to the refillable mugs, it wasn't long before I was wide awake.  Sean & I had a great breakfast and some yummy treats! ( Pope Buck brought some tasty brownies!)  I had also brought along some of my mom's patented Snowballs, she & I made together before Sean & I came out to the park.

        Attendees at the meet included Lisa, Patti, Ronnie, Alison (Paragon), Pope Buck, Sean & myself among  several others.  I don't believe we got an official group shot, or listing of all who attended.  Hmm.. It was pretty interresting meeting up though, after several of us had been up the night before at PI !!!   (we are definitely gonna have to think about staying out late the night before an early meet! I am NOT a morning person!)

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