Day Four: Millenium Village Epcot
December 5, 1999

Millenium Village entrance at night...

Heading over to Epcot:  Sean, myself, and Faith!   =)

an "above the head" photo taken by me of our group!


        A group of us headed over to Epcot from the MK after the Diamond Horseshoe meet... Sean, Faith & myself met up with Keith & Rob at Fountainview to go on JIYI and checkout the Millenium Village.  We ran into Mark Guttag on the way over to JIYI, as he was checking out the Holiday decoration kiosk set up.

Here's Sean & Rob in front of JIYI.

                                                                                       Off Kilter performing Sunday in Canada.

Millenium Village during the day.

                                                                                    Sean near the entrance to Mill Vill.

Rob & Faith touch the snowman in Sweden's Winter exhibit at Mill Vill.

Spaceship Earth looking toward the park entrance.


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