diamond horseshoe
sunday dec 5, 1999

    Sean and I attended the Diamond Horseshoe Meet at 1030am on Sunday the 5th.  It was lots of fun.  Sean & I split a wrap which was pretty good and watched the show with some of our RADP pals.

    My favorite part I think, was the Magician and his *magical* raccoon thing.  (meeko saw the photo and said *THATS a raccoon??*) Well, that's what the guy said it was.  Anyway, it was really cute!  =)

Here's Sean & that crazy cowgirl who introduced the acts.
She was really great!

        I don't know why the photo above turned out so dark!!  Our cowgirl emcee was really funny and worked the crowd pretty good.  When she got nearby Sean, I was just hoping to get a closeup.  She saw the camera, and took a second mid-act to smile for my camera.  I was kind of embarressed, but she made a cute joke.  Looking at Sean's shirt, she remarked "Is that so he doesn't get lost?"  LOL! Well I said "Yes." and she said "They get like that, don't they??"   Boy what a hoot she was!!!

Another performer just loving the camera....


        This cowboy seranaded us with an interresting rendition of  John Denver tunes.  He tried to get the audience involved in "Country roads" with the appropriate substitution for one's hometown, which didn't always sound quite right.

Our Magician with his "raccoon" friend....


        Ok... So our Magician pal with his "raccoon" that no can purchase anywhere in the park.  This was my favorite.  He had some really good moves with that piece of fluff, whatever it was.  If anyone has seen the show & know where I can get my own *magical* magical raccoon, please let me know!   Write me!
( tdcmeeko@yahoo.com)

OK...the obligatory can-can girls


        This was (maybe) Sean's favorite part (or at least several of the male audience members!), the can-can girls.  They danced, they sang, they walked around with their skirts up to their waists.  In comparison, I think I liked the dance show at Knott's better than this.  I also liked the entire show at the "Golden Horseshoe" at Disneyland better than both these shows.  I guess sometimes you really can't beat the original.... BUt I digress, here's some more photos....

Here's one of our Radp pals getting involved with the show...
Great Simbals Batman!!

This is the part where the simbals come in, and the
gals get all worked up, so to speak.



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