December 2, 1999

On to the party!!


Self-Portrait by Sean of us on the teacups!

Ok.. There was absolutely no one in line for the Jungle Cruise!
A very good speiler/skipper! Same ol' jokes, pretty good timing!

Belle's Enchanted Storytime... er.. and the "beast"..
(can't believe she didn't pick Sean!!! She must not have gotten
the memo from the DL CMs!!)

Here's Belle, not as good as the one at DL, but pretty good!


        Ok.. So we went to storytime after all dinner, the rides, the parade, and two cups of hot chocolate.... AND!  My backend was still soaking wet from the first ride on Splash Mountain, and I was freazing!!!  So what did I do? I sat down on a cold brick/cement wall to listen to storytime.

        Well, I won't forget that night!!  Next year?  TWO nights at MVMCP and a change of pants! ( Yes, I am going to ride Splash next year!!!  I mean, goodness! It was a walk-on, and we got to ride it twice in a row without getting back in line!!)

        Ok.. Next is the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Parade pix! ( say that three times fast!! )  =)

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