Day 4: Magic Kingdom
Splash Mountain Mini Meet!
December 5, 1999

        ok.. Sean & I were running a little late, what with having to check out of the once we got our stuff together, we hurried over to MK and took the train to Adventureland.  By the time we got there, the meet had already taken place, I guess, as everyone was already stuck in line waiting for the ride to come back up....  So another of our RADPer friends showed and was wanting to take photos of the group coming out the final drop.

here's the group coming down the hill!

here the are rounding the corner.. Krisanne, Lisa, Ronnie, and
uh.. kind of blurry isn't it?


        Well, after everyone got off the ride, we got the whole story about the ride going down & finally coming up again with all the RADP christmas carol protest (wish I had been there! Good singing Pope Buck!).. so several of us were heading to Diamond Horseshoe Meet, but some of us decided to take a ride on BTMRR (Big Thunder Mountain).

        Sean & I sat in front of Ronnie & Paragon, so I took advantage of the slow ride up the hill and turned around and snapped this...



Ok, time for the Diamond Horseshoe Meet!

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