Pamela & Sean's Very Merry Christmas Party 2000

last updated: 01.17.01
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The stars of this trip.. Sean Rouse and Pamela Hesselink..
(Happily engaged Disney World vacationers!)

  Friday December 8th, 2000 Animal Kingdom

 Friday December 8th, 2000 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party @ MK

 Saturday Dec 9th, 2000 BIG MEET @ International Gateway (LIB meet)

 Saturday Dec 9th, 2000 LIB goes to the Wonders of Life

 Saturday Dec 9th, 2000 Camp MiniMeeko Campfire Singalong & Electric Water Pageant Meet at Ft Wilderness

 Sunday Dec 10th, 2000 All Star Breakfast Meet & Magic Kingdom Meets!

 Sunday Dec 10th, 2000 Illuminations Troll Barge/Pirate Cruise & AC Meet!

 Monday Dec 11th, 2000 Disney Studios & KMT Illuminations...

 Tuesday Dec 12th, 2000 Resort Hopping Tour with Pamela's Dad

 Tuesday Dec 12th, 2000 Celebration & the Adventurer's Club Meet

 Wednesday Dec 13th, 2000 World Showcase at Epcot

 Thursday Dec 14th, 2000 Epcot Beer Tour and stuff..

 Friday Dec 15th, 2000 Epcot..last chance stuff and the ENG meet!!

 Saturday Dec 16th, 2000 Magic Kingdom Day..

Saturday Dec 16th, 2000 Osborne Lights at the Studios

Saturday Dec 16th, 2000.. Dinner at the Poly with Rob & Keith!

Sunday Dec 17th, 2000 Epcot last meal and hopping at the DxL!

Wow!  All done!!!

I want MORE RADP pix!!!! (greedy aren't ya?)
Here ya go...

 Ronnie's RADP V pix

 Deb Will's RADP-V Scrapbook! (yeah we're in these pix too, Milady....ha ha!)

Anyone else got a RADP V pix page up?? Please email me  and let me know your url! Thanks a bunch!!!  We had a great time & can't wait to go for RADP VI.. 2001!!! whoo hoo!!  

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