Day 1
December 8th, 2000
Animal Kingdom

..yep I saw this and said "this is me!"

    Sean & Pamela head out to Animal Kingdom to meet up with some RADP folks for some fun on Kilamanjaro Sarari and the Kali River Rapids Meet..

 the sign points the way.. Camp Minnie Mickey (what?  you think I have original ideas?)

 Sean with his *shiny* *shiny* new camcorder & BOOKBABE!! tm Jennifer Reall's Rob, Kym, Lisa and Sean in the Kilamanjaro Safari Queue

 On Safari... it's a Giraffe!

  Deb Wills told me this is an Okapi.. We found it roaming in AK...pretty,isn't it??

 ah... what would a trip to AK be without a photo of a Meerkat??

 a hidden Mickey at Conservation Station... er Rafiki's...

 at the Kali River Rapids Meet

Our Raft heading back from the perilous waters! (photo by Linda Eckwerth!)
Thanks to Deb Wills for letting me use the photo... and Linda for taking it!! =)

 Kym (Vully) enjoys a cool moment in AK..

..the Tree of Life & a little friend of Iago!

 Stayaway from this runaround Sue...she'll eat ya! (ok.. maybe not)

    Ok. Rather than make you guess where this photo was taken.. I'll tell you that it's at the Flametree BBQ... I think..

 Paw Prints

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 SPVMCP 2000

 RADP meets