Magic Kingdom Day
Sunday December 10th 2000

        First thing Sunday Morning we headed over to ASMo (All Star Movies) Resort's foodcourt.. Since the meet had been "changed" (Last year it was at our Resort the ASMu) I decided against wearing my Eyeore PJs and got quickly showered & dressed for the meet.  We met up with everyone.. Mark Guttag, meet host was noticably absent.. but I just figured he had slept in from the long flight the night before.. So we got our food and sat down together...

An early breakfast
Our group eating breakfast... (look at all them refillable mugs!) .. photo by Pamela (that's me!)

            Mark made it to the meet as we were finishing up our meal and about to do the gift exchange (pins!) Here is a nice photo below..

 Mark holds up the sign he made especially for the Meet! =)

        After the breakfast meet we head out to the Magic Kingdom where we hope to meet up with the other folks from the Trails End Buffet meet at Ft Wilderness.. We don't really spot anyone.. but make it to the Splash Meet in plenty of time to see people wander in...

 Here's Fudgie looking his perky self.. he's about to go on a 12 hour trivia-filled Scavenger Meet

 ..chatting has begun.. but look! Ronnie & Randy notice my roving camera! =)

 the Mighty Paragon does evil work on my camera....

all ready to get wet
..the gang is all assembled.. (Sean &I are in the back next to Randy and Jeff...)

            OK! Time to ride!!!  We all headed to the ride queue of Splash Mountain...  And of course they warn you ahead of time.. just in case you aren't sure....

warning, you may get wet may get WET!!!

 ..a quick picture of the folks in the logs in front of us..

 and of course a view to the rear of us.. HI JENN!!

            Next we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain.. where we took over a whole train!!! Hurray for us!

 one view of the queue.. Hi Rob!!

 Hello again!! another view of the line...

            Sometime around there, Larry (Mickeymom's hubbie) got his Loin Registration.. Never fear! I was there to capture the moment...

 Larry holds his registration with pride.. Mickeymom seems to be glowing!! =)

            After the meet.. we have some time before the Buzz Lightyear Meet at Noon.. Ronnie,Paragon, Sean & myself go ride the TTA and check out the gift shops in the area...

 the Mighty Paragon puts Pooh on her head..  she sure looks cute with those little earmuffs!  =)

        Finally it's time for Buzz Lightyear.. We have our Fastpasses already, so we march on through the queue.. Sean & I rode it Friday night and had fun.. Sean taped the queue and when he passed the camera to me, I accidently put it on pause when I thought I was recording!! Suffice to say we didn't get the ride taped.. but we chose not to tape it today.. I did get a couple good pictures though..

 here's Buzz giving us Space Rangers the instructions we need to complete our Mission!

 a super cute picture of Kym & Lisa who were zapping right behind us!  yeah thats my finger, I think, in the corner of the photo!    =)

            Well, the long days were catching up on me and so I was getting pretty sleepy!  It was time to head off back to our wonderful little room at the Calypso.. But before we went we waved goodbye to everyone as people started off in different directions.. a group of folks wanted to check out Carousel of Progress..

great big beautiful tomorrow
here they are.. getting in line & ready to sing... "It's a great big beautiful tomorrow.."
(among others from left: Randy,Marta, Mickeymom,Rachel,Jessie, Rob, and Judy)

 Onward to Illuminations.. Reflections of Earth (and fun at the AC!)

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