RADP V Big Meet
Dec 9th 2000

International Gateway (near Epcot)

..a few royals.. (from left..) Ronnie, Rachel, Lisa (Ping) and Peter (Fudgie)
and of course Jessie (left front foreground)

 Paragon calls out to the LIBers... from left: MickeyMom,Jenn (bookbabe), Rob, and Amy (Improvgal)

 Passporter Dave gets Certified

 Fudgie gets his Permit

 Sean Yoda gets his well-deserved upgrade!

 Jeff seems happily surprised by his Certificate

 Steve gets his...

 Randy gives great testemony to why he should be Certified...such as his Mighty Sword

 Paragon begins to unviel the deLIBerator...

 Here it is!!! The Mighty Paragon holds the deLIBerator aloft...

 Special Guest appearance by the great Doobie Mosley & Rebekah Mosleyof Laughing Place!

MickeyMom, Lisa (Ping) and Jessie...

       After the Big Meet, the Host Committee headed over to Yacht& Beach Club for a drink...

(from left:) Marta & Bruce Metcalf, Rita Aero,Keith & Rob

 Let's head over to Epcot..for a special LIB presentation!

 SPVMCP 2000

 RADP meets
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