Camp MiniMeeko Campfire Singalong
& Electric Water Pageant Meet
9 December 2000

Sean & Pamela are your intrepid hosts for this evening's events...
(it's just too bad we were late for our own meet!!)
photo by Ronnie (Iago)

        After scampering out of Epcot.. we made a mad dash for "home" (as we had already started to call our room at the ASMu Calypso Building) to pick up the stuff for the S'mores and our raffle giveaways. The meet was to start at 630pm but we had planned to be there at 6pm to set up.. No such luck!

Since we were running late, we forgo the bus and took the car to Ft Wilderness, where we had an interresting time finding a place where it was ok for us to park & leave the car, (it's like getting into the Pentagon there you know!) =)  We took the first bus that was going in the general direction of the Campfire Program.. It was a mistake.. for several reasons:

        I started to have a panic attack (yep!) and went up front where I began to badger the drivers each time we stopped ("Is this the stop for the Campfire Program??") and I have my Sean to thank for holding my hand through the whole experience.. and Terri and her family who made me smile & was a reminder for me to keep things together as much as I could.. (Some host I was!)  Terri made me laugh as when we stopped, she would yell out "Are we at the Campfire Place yet??" from the back of the bus..The drivers STILL wouldn't call out the stops.. Suffice to say, when we did get there, the driver trainer was happy to see us go! =)

Well once we got off the bus we still had a way to go and walked over.. and  it was nearing 7pm! We were over a half hour late for our own meet!!  Well a lot of people were already there.. and Randy seemed to have gathered everyone up under his wing & had things under control.. I only was half joking when I told Randy he should host next year's Campfire Meet.. if there is one.  He was wonderful.. so I want to have a special thanks to him.. and also to everyone in attendance!

        Despite my being a basket raccoon the first half-hour I was there.. The Meet was a success!! We had about 25 or so of the 30+ folks who RSVP'd for the meet show up & watch "TARZAN" with us. I know a lot of folks came who have never been to Ft Wilderness or the Campfire Program before.. and that's exactly why Sean & I proposed the meet!  I want to give out a special thanks to all the folks that came, though they had other things to attend later that night, but still came by with well-wishes and happy thoughts... one of which was Mark Guttag who came by just to say "hi" though he had spent the entire day on a long flight, and had yet to evan check into his hotel!!!

        Thank you everyone!!!! (Thanks also to Paragon for her happy reassurance the next couple days!)

; Now I didn't get photos of the first half of the meet really except for Sunday... I was trying to get the raffle off to a good start and was having a heck of a time scribbling numbers on Hello Kitty sheets in the dark and then trying to match prizes! Argh!  You CAN, however see photos on Ronnie's (Iago's site..)

 Ronnie's Campfire Singalong Pix

The rest of the photos take place after the movie.. when those of us going to the Electric Water Pageant headed down to the beach...

 The Electric Water Pageant glides by.. jumping fish, turtles, octopus and other floats..

 ..the second half of the parade was a bit patriotic!

 Paragon (Allison) holds up the sign my mom made for the meet..."Welome!"
You know I didn't realize there was a spelling error on the sign til Rob or Allison pointed it out!! =)

After the parade, Sean had a scaled-down version of his trivia contest.  There were still the 6 big prizes left over from the raffle.. so we gave those out.

 Bruce and Rob hold up their winning prizes...

 Kym (Vully) guessed right and won.. a Splash Vulture!

 everyone but Patty's sweet daughter is oblivious to the camera.. (yes she answered the trivia correct too!)

After the trivia contest, we gathered together for this wonderful group shot..

the last of the great Campfire troop!!  (photo by Sean)

A very special thanks to my mom & Ray for their help in making my poster, making roasting sticks and for helping me with a million other things!!! (not to mention driving me to Orlando!)

 ..and now on to Sunday.. Magic Kingdom Day (and ASMo Breakfast Meet!)

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