Tuesday Dec 12th, 2000
Celebration & Adventurer's Club Meet!
snow on market street
  "snow" on the streets of Celebration 12 Dec 2000

After a bit, we headed out to the Belz Outlet where we got a few neat Diseney-related things.. but then we were hungry so we stopped off at CELEBRATION!!! Boy what a surprise! After all the times I bugged Sean about wanting to see what it was like and see what the hype was.. Hmmm.. Well, it was a little different..

The entire time, I felt as if I was on the Studios backlot.. not really like Disney so much, as if everyone was "on stage"..it didn't feel real to me, and I wondered how it felt for those who live here. Despite what people have said about the place, in a way, it's my sick little fantasy to own a house here and have my WDW AP of course!!!

            Well, I didn't see any house designs I liked much.. and they seem pretty small for the prices.. I did like the New England-y looking one and the townhouses.. but that's about it. I don't think Sean liked any of them.  One thing I just LOVED though.. was Max's Diner (I believe was the name of the place).

We shared what's called "Steve's Fries" which were french fries with cheese & bacon bits.  I also had the patty melt which was wonderful and too much food as I had to take half of it home..

 Christmas Decorations in abundance around the town

 The guard tower at the Celebration Hotel

celebration movie theatre
the Celebration AMC Theatre.. ooohh! It's 102 Dalmations & Unbreakable!
(who'd of thought you would see Disney movies at the Celebration AMC??)

            One building design I did like was the AMC theatre.. it reminded me of some of the older theatres that they seem to be tearing down everywhere in the downtown area of almost any American city...  They also had a malt shop around the corner! =)

            Well, it's off to the AC for some rowdy fun with the Adventurer's....

 Here's Pamelia Perkins initiating the new members of the Adventurer's Club

 it's Babylonia!

 the Colonel leads everyone in song..

 Samantha and Fletcher (I think) start a song..

radp folks in the library
some of the RADP folks having a good time in the library...

Click for a Larger Photo
..happily engaged couple!!

Click for a larger photo
..and another gratuitous happy picture! Congrats to Jeff!!

 Hathaway Brown.. the eternal flirt! (slightly out of focus)

 Samantha Sterling, the maid & Pamelia Perkins gives a bawdy song & dance for women everywhere

 RADPers relaxing in the Mask Room

yep.. it's me, Smeeeko Pamela.. TDC Meeko, if you will... yikes!

            Better to look at Hathaway Brown, don't you think???  As you look at the next photo.. ponder this.. Hathaway on a ladder in the library?? Or Hathaway in the Mask Room.. up close & personal?? (sorry I don't have a photo of him on the ladder.. but if YOU do, let me know!)

hathaway in the mask room
Hathaway in the Mask Room, confused & funny for the umteenth time...
(yep.. those masks behind him talk!)

NEXT:  Wednesday Dec 13th at EPCOT.. yes.. again!!! =)

(still curious about the AC & it's cast & shows??) check out...
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